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We’re delighted to announce our new collaboration with fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff and apparel solutions partner Avery Dennison RBIS to launch the first ever smart handbag.

On February 3, a series of limited edition #AlwaysOn Midnighter top handle handbags will be sold exclusively at the Rebecca Minkoff popup shop at The Grove in Los Angeles. Each bag comes with a tag that, when scanned by a smartphone, will automatically qualify the customer for a special loyalty program and unlock a VIP invitation to the SS17 show on February 4.

Each smart bag will also be able to unlock exclusive offers and experiences from Rebecca Minkoff, including e-commerce services, private styling sessions with Rebecca, style recommendations, and video content, as well as elite experiences with lifestyle partners.

The limited edition #AlwaysOn Midnighter bag is only the beginning of our exciting new, multi-year partnership. By Summer 2017, all Rebecca Minkoff bags will be smart.

Rebecca Minkoff

This collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff is the latest example of how #BornDigital™ apparel products can differentiate brands, create personalized consumer experiences, and make the products themselves stickier, more desirable and more valuable to their customers and companies.

When #BornDigital™ products are created with individual digital identities and web-connected smart labels, they enter the world with an invisible layer of data intelligence in the cloud. This opens up a brand new world of interactive product applications and analytic insights that changes the nature of what a fashion product is and how it can become stitched into your digital life.

To consumers, products like the #AlwaysOn Midnighter bag effortlessly offer personalized content, VIP service, and truly unique experiences. To fashion brands, it allows them to forge direct consumer relationships like never before and to better understand their customers through insights they couldn’t access before.

In short: Your bag is no longer just a style accessory. It’s a piece of connected, personal technology.

Read more in Forbes, Fast Company, and Women’s Wear Daily.

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We’re super enchanté and excité to announce the latest smart product collaboration with apparel solutions partner Avery Dennison RBIS, NYC fashion brand Rochambeau and hybrid retailer-media company The New Stand. The New Stand is the idea group, media company and retail partner for Rochambeau garments powered by our #BornDigital™ partnership with Avery Dennison for on-product materials technology tied to our IoT smart products cloud platform.

The product is called the ThinkingCap ( and, quite simply, it does what any self-respecting smart hat should do – it makes you smarter wherever you go. It does this by assembling a combination of curated content partnerships (art and literature podcasts, music connected with that location, audio walking tours, relevant local news)  and contextual awareness (place, time, past interaction history), to help the hat wearer experience the world around them in a cleverer, mind-expanding and intellectually-stimulating way.

Read about it in Forbes here.


Rochambeau has made the hat the centrepiece of their new collection for the International Woolmark Prize, being judged in Paris today (Rochambeau won the US version of this prize last year). The hats contain a smart label with unique NFC and QR tags that will trigger information and entertainment experiences on a mobile web app when scanned. This can be accessed with any smartphone with no app download required and is designed for major cultural centers and destination cities like New York, Paris, London and Tokyo.


Embedding a digital layer of personalized content and services within products is the future. Consumers have too many apps in their lives and it’s a hassle to find, download, assemble and manage everything we need. Why not just scan your product and it does it for you? In this sense, products are the new apps.

The ThinkingCap is another great example and creative visualization of how apparel products can now be #BornDigital with cloud-connected smart labels and tags. Once these smart labels are stitched in as the products are manufactured, each individually serialized item comes into the world with ready-made smart, digital capabilities that brands can activate to give the product its own digital life on the Web. This makes the product more intelligent, more interactive, more characterful and more trackable with valuable applications and analytics for brands and their customers.

In short: wherever you digitally lay your hat, that’s your home.

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Update: Read what Ad Age had to say about it.

We’re super excited to announce another world-first Internet of Things collaboration to digitally transform the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

We’ve partnered with WestRock (NYSE:WRK) one of the global leaders in paper and packaging solutions and Digimarc, the inventor of imperceptible barcode technology, to create a connected packaging solution which allows global brands across Food and Beverages, Retail, Beauty and Personal Care to leverage digital capabilities built into their products’ packaging at source and at industrial scale.

Under the partnership, Westrock will use their digital printing capabilities to serialize billions of individual packages, in-store signs and retail displays, adding Digimarc barcodes that are integrated into the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform. Each physical item comes with an Active Digital Identity™ (ADI) in the cloud, making it capable of triggering and driving unique digital applications and experiences when scanned by a smartphone.

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Value creation across the product lifecycle

Transforming billions of paper-based consumer packaged goods into real-time, intelligent and interactive digital assets opens up enormous, transformative opportunities for manufacturers.  It drives end-to-end transparency across supply chain operations, improves retail performance and increases brand loyalty through direct 1-to-1 consumer engagement. On top of that, it unlocks new levels of retailer, shopper and consumer insights in the process.

Where progressive brands lead, others will follow

By adding these digital triggers into packaging at point of manufacture, it means brands don’t have to worry about how to ‘operationalize’ the process, and instead can focus on the solutions that smart packaging makes possible.  Initial deployments will focus on some common ‘quick-win’ areas:

  • Brand Content: provide real-time information on ingredients, recipes, product origins etc.
  • Loyalty and Reward Systems: consumers can interact with packaging, in-store signage and displays to access personalized digital services, offers and content
  • Traceability: brands get end-to-end lifecycle product data through the entire supply chain from sourcing, manufacture, distribution, in-store and at home.
  • Product Quality: serialization of packages enables authenticity, expiration and recall automation.
  • Product Reordering: consumers use their smartphones to reorder products and access similar products that they may want to purchase.

The #BornDigital™ Revolution

As many global CPG brands wrestle with how to use IoT to digitally transform their business, EVRYTHNG have been laying the foundations that are going change the face of the industry forever, with today’s announcement yet another milestone. We’ve already switched on the Apparel industry thanks to our partnership with Avery Dennison which will see at least 10 billion apparel and footwear items being manufactured with a digital identity.  And partnering with Crown, we’re digitally transforming the Beverages, Food, Health & Beauty and Home care sectors market by IoT-enabling billions of products produced with metal packaging each year.

Consumer products of all shapes, sizes and materials are now being #BornDigital™.  It’s a change that is happening fast!

Read more about the#BornDigital™ revolution in The Financial Times and Forbes.

Together with Westrock and Digimarc, EVRYTHNG will be demonstrating our Connected Packaging solution at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention & EXPO on January 15-17 in New York.


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We were super excited to announce our collaboration with fashion brand Rochambeau to produce limited edition smart digital jackets that come with one-of-a-kind personalized experiences at Decoded Fashion New York.








Since then it’s just launched for sale on The Wired Store and at The New Stand stores in NYC and online.


Read a selection of the coverage this smart apparel product has garnered since launch:
Forbes    .    Quartz     .    Wired    .    WGSN    .    PSFK


This short video tells the back-story of Rochambeau’s fashion brand, and the creative and technical collaboration between Rochambeau, EVRYTHNG, Avery Dennison and retailers The New Stand.



Earlier this year we launched a major global partnership with Fortune 500 packaging and materials giant Avery Dennison, using our IoT data management platform in the cloud in combination with Avery Dennison’s serialized smart tags and labels, to ‘switch on’ the apparel and footwear industry.

We introduced the concept of clothing that is #BornDigital. These are products manufactured with a digital software capability in the cloud that makes them more intelligent, more interactive, more characterful, and more valuable to companies and their customers.

So we were excited to announce a great example of the potential of #BornDigital to transform products and retail with the BRIGHT BMBR ( smart jacket.


Each limited edition Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR is made with an invisible layer of unique digital content and cultural experiences stitched into the fabric of the physical product. The left sleeve has a hidden zipper pocket that contains a pull out label containing an NFC chip and individually numbered QR code. Using a smartphone to connect with these smart tags instantly unlocks the exclusive experiences and gifts that come with the jacket.


Designers Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper founded Rochambeau as an outlet for their creative expression and artistic collaboration. The BRIGHT BMBR smart jacket brings this to life by letting owners access a set of exclusive, curated experiences in dining, art, clubbing, retail and fashion that brings together the best of New York City’s vibrant creativity and culture.

The list of experiences that wearers of the BRIGHT BMBR can unlock includes:



Each BRIGHT BMBR also lets the wearer collect gifts by scanning the jacket within 500 yards of any of three outlets in New York run by the brand reinventing urban retail: The New Stand. As highly innovative and experiential stores that blend physical and digital products, brands, content, and commerce, it’s the perfect choice as exclusive retail partner for the BRIGHT BMBR.


Because each jacket is a one-off, there’s also a signed, individually numbered piece of physical artwork inspired by the garment design from artist Cody Gunningham waiting for you to digitally claim. And you can also watch a video clip of your individual piece being designed and made.

To round it all off, as the Fall/Winter season draws to a close, the BRIGHT BMBR smart jackets deliver a digital pass to Rochambeau’s 2017 New York Fashion Week runway show, where the wearer can experience the brand’s   new Spring/Summer collection live.



Modern brands need intelligent data platforms to personalize the experience of buying and owning their smart products. As Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank put it: “Our belief is data is the new oil. You think it’s a coincidence Google or Amazon is who you’d bet on? 40% of their revenue is attributed to purchase history… The companies who will win are those using math.”

The serialized tags in each #BornDigital garment connect to EVRYTHNG’s intelligent, software brain in the cloud. This lets brands turn their products into an owned digital media platform for direct consumer relationships and valuable new insights, as well as smarter product operations.

For consumers, the Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR means effortlessly elegant digital experiences and personalized content that come with every physical product.

In short: when you wear a Rochambeau smart jacket, the real world just got better.

See more info about the project here:


Dominique Guinard,

At EVRYTHNG we’ve been giving a unique URL and API to Billions of physical products (aka. THNGs) since 2011. Hence, when Google announced the Physical Web project in 2014 we were excited and amongst the first IoT platforms to integrate with the project.

The basic idea of the Physical Web is to tag the real world. It is implemented with devices called beacons that broadcast small identifiers such as short URLs to everyone listening as defined by a standard protocol called Eddystone. These beacons use the Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE, part of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard) protocol which means that they can operate for quite a while even if running on battery power (right now about a year).

Typical listeners of the broadcasted messages are mobile phones and there are two many ways for users to interact with beacons. First, passively: when a beacon is detected nearby mobile phones will show a message, notifying the user of something interesting offered by the nearby real world! These messages usually appear in the notification bar of the mobile OS, just like when you get a text message or a new mail. If the user click on the message then the corresponding Web page is loaded.


Second, actively: an app can actively search for beacons nearby. For example you might use a search app such as Google Search to find a service nearby, the search app can search for beacons to give you hyper local results together with the traditional indexed results.

The Physical Web has many applications, offering you to order coffee online when standing in a queue at a coffee shop, to announcing special offers in stores, to searching for a special service or telling you about the next buses coming at the bus stop where you stand.

Beacons are still relatively expensive (5-10$) so it is unlikely to find them on every single instance of a product in the near future, however they are perfect to represent a product class or a series of products and can be attached to places, in-store displays, etc. As said before, the project has been around for 2 years already but back from Google I/O, the Physical Web seem to be one step closer to reality thanks to its increasing support on Android (through the Google Play Store and Google Search) but also on iOS (through Chrome for iOS and other apps) and hence is likely to hit prime time in a near future!

This is why we are really excited to announce full Physical Web and Eddystone support in the EVRYTHNG Platform. In fact, we have been supporting the Physical Web even before it existed as the EVRYTHNG managed products (or THNGs) get a unique identity in the form of a secure URL which is one way to implement the Physical Web. As a consequence, connecting a Physical Web beacon to EVRYTHNG THNGS and Products is a seamless process that we described in a step-by-step walkthrough.

As you’ll see, the EVRYTHNG Platform does not only enable basic support for the Physical Web and beacons, but it also supports complex rules that dynamically decide what experience to serve depending on a lot of context parameters (who is the user? where is she? what time is it? what other products did he interact with? in which country? etc.) thanks to our unique REDIRECTOR component. As an example with this component you could implement an interactive treasure hunt for your brand in a store or make sure the offers you broadcast to your users are really relevant to their profiles. All in all this let’s you create very interactive beacon experiences for your products to make them even smarter.