The New Era of Digitized Consumer Products

One digital identity. Limitless applications.

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We believe that every physical thing around us is coming to life digitally.

EVRYTHNG was founded with a vision of trillions of products in the world participating in the digital ecosystem with a digital identity on the web – known as the ‘web of things’.

From shirts to champagne, from hand cream to handbags.

We built a market leading internet of things platform for consumer product brands, articulating trusted information with real-time intelligence for billions of things.

Giving you a real time knowledge network of the things that move your business.


Each individual item can tell its intimate story to your business and to your consumers throughout its product life-cycle, from manufacture to recycle.

Digitized products, collect, generate and share data.

They give insight where previously there was no visibility, pre-empting risk and inefficiency in your supply chain.

They let consumers learn more about your products and unlock hidden value, building trust in your brand.

This is the knowledge network enabled by EVRYTHNG.

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