Transform Your Business
with Born Digital Products

Harness data intelligence from every product item to drive new supply chain, brand protection and consumer engagement applications throughout the product lifecycle.

Apparel brands, from luxury to sportswear, creating competitive advantage with EVRYTHNG

How EVRYTHNG helps apparel brands

Transform your product into a new DTC channel for personalized 1:1 engagement

Tell Your Story

Connect your consumer to your supply chain for full transparency. Share provenance and sustainability information for every item. 

Deeper Engagement

Personalize the consumer journey, in-store and at-home, with dynamic content, experiences and DTC services like Loyalty, Ecomm and Recycling. 

Consumer Insights

Collect first-party data for your CRM and real-time engagement data to optimize product development, marketing campaigns and content.

Operate your supply chain with agility and integrity

Manufacturing Visibility

Monitor and measure your factory production with item-by-item digital authentication and real-time performance dashboards.

End-to-End Protection

Use data science and crowdsourced product-engagement data to detect counterfeit, diversion and unauthorized goods, wherever they occur.

Meet Circularity Goals

Make smarter data-driven decisions. Develop a more efficient and responsive supply chain with real-time visibility across your operations.  

Key capabilities for the apparel industry

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