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An AUTHENTICATE product update

We’re relentless in our mission to revolutionize brand protection through a data-driven approach; an approach that is unlocked when every single product is ‘born digital’ in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™. 


Recently we’ve added some exciting new functionality to our AUTHENTICATE product and I’m incredibly pleased to share some of these recent developments with you.  But first, let me introduce myself: I’m Dale and I am a Product Manager for AUTHENTICATE. My role is to ensure that we offer the most innovative and effective brand protection capabilities in the market. And one of the key areas that we have been focusing on over the last few months was how to simplify the life of our customers’ brand inspection teams.  So let’s take a look at a few recent enhancements…

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Digital authentication, without an app store

When we set out to build the AUTHENTICATE mobile app we deliberated on the question; native app or Progressive Web App (PWA)? Whilst native app would be the simpler option, it would mean having to download an app which is – let’s face it – friction.  We are all about removing barriers, so we opted for the PWA route


Our rationale was clear: one of the key principles of a data-driven approach to product authenticity is that anyone should be able to authenticate products, without the need for special equipment or expert knowledge. This way, brands get an exponential increase in data capture and unprecedented insights into brand integrity.


Ontop of that, we added the ability for app users to collect additional information following an authenticity check. This extra info, whether photographs or text notes, sits alongside the authentication result in the Brand Protection dashboard – allowing brand protection teams to collate all the information they need in a central Product Cloud dashboard.


Authentication for remote teams

At EVRYTHNG we set our sights pretty high… we want to digitize every product in the world! A key part of that mission is to remain agnostic to the tag type, or data carrier, for the digital identity. If QR codes are your bag, great. Datamatrix? Sure. RFID, you got it! We want our customers to have the flexibility to choose the right tag or carrier for their needs. Our focus is on the intelligent data profile we manage for each individual, serialized product.  

Whatever the particular tag type – let’s say a QR code – how do you interact with that code in order to authenticate the product when you don’t have the item in front of you? Well, that’s exactly the challenge we set out to solve. Whilst field inspection remains the primary source of authenticity checks there are times when remote teams also need to be able to authenticate, that could be:


  • A customer services team advising a consumer
  • A brand protection team member authenticating a product over the phone with a customs officer for example.

Remote teams are able to authenticate products and receive the same instant authenticity verdict as their colleagues and affiliates in the field. By simply searching for the serial number and selecting the last known location for the item the user can submit the authentication request and receive an instant result.

This is a great example of why a data-centric approach is so beneficial, enabling disparate teams to authenticate their products any timeanywhere.


Looking forwards, we have some cutting-edge developments lined up to keep us busy, including (spoiler alert) a world’s first for web-friendly product scanning. So, keep an eye out for that, and in the meantime, if you would like to find out more about our tag-agnostic and innovative data-driven approach to brand protection, please get in touch here.


Dale Jacobs

Senior Product Manager, AUTHENTICATE


Dale has over ten years experience in retail technology, starting his career at Walmart and latterly serving as retail solutions consultant. Before joining EVRYTHNG Dale was a Senior Product Manager at Sensormatic by Johnson Controls.

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