Dom Guinard, PhD

The Sigfox-EVRYTHNG Partnership and the Future of Traceability

HOME We’re called EVRYTHNG for a reason: We believe that all products in the world should (and will) receive a digital identity. This doesn’t just refer to high-end home automation devices such as voice assistants, but also to the three trillion consumer goods produced every year. After all, these products were the ones the IoT

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When Products and Digital Signage Speak the Same Language

HOME Digital signage is booming. From stores to offices and public buildings, screens are now commonplace. This is a domain our partner Screenly masters, managing 10,000 screens and counting. Their secret sauce? Simplicity! Their system is plug and play, making it possible to deploy a screen within minutes. Screenly’s system is built on the popular Raspberry Pi

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The Physical Web and EVRYTHNG

HOME At EVRYTHNG we’ve been giving a unique URL and API to Billions of physical products (aka. THNGs) since 2011. Hence, when Google announced the Physical Web project in 2014 we were excited and amongst the first IoT platforms to integrate with the project. The basic idea of the Physical Web is to tag the

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THNGHUB: EVRYTHNG’s Unique Local Cloud Gateway

HOME As you may have already read in Fortune or in our press release, we have just released exciting new functionality for EVRYTHNG’s Smart Products Platform: THNGHUB, our Local Cloud Gateway! This is the first time that any hardware device, including products themselves, can be turned into hubs running a software gateway application that’s in

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Almond case study
Product & Technology

Making Things talk Web with the W3C

HOME A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to participate to the first face to face meeting of the W3C Web of Things (WoT) Interest Group (IG). Vlad and I have been working on and actively promoting an Internet of Things (IoT) that uses Web protocols (also known as “Web of Things”) since 2007

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#BeerGarageHack with ABInBev

HOME As you can guess from the name, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s “Beer Garage Hackathon” event was a beer-themed, weekend-long hackathon to create new apps with digital content and mobile experiences around beer. More specifically, the #BeerGarageHack launched ABInBev’s new beer and food pairing API, which they developed with the help of Mashery. We added the EVRYTHNG

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Digital in-store experiences: Thoughts from Blend Web Mix

HOME Last month I spoke at Blend Web Mix, an exciting conference about all things Web with a broad audience than spanned developers, designers and entrepreneurs. Very much the French equivalent of SXSW, there were many interesting presentations about up and coming trends in Web technologies and digital marketing. One of the talks was particularly

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Connected devices, real-time push and the Web of Things

HOME The EVRYTHNG platform is well-known for connecting FMCGs and other non-electronic objects (aka “dumb products“). While this is a market we’ve deployed a number of applications in, we’re also quite active on the other side of the IoT spectrum: connected devices. To illustrate how the EVRYTHNG cloud can be used as a platform of

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On the Net nobody knows you are a dumb thing

HOME In a recent blog post I reported on IFA+ and the issues that appliance manufacturers are facing when trying to connect their things. In this post, I’d like to share what I spoke about at IFA+. EVRYTHNG @ Home Rather than focusing on promoting Web of Things best practices, which are slowly but steadily

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Fixing the IoT for Appliances

HOME Source: IFA Visiting and speaking at the IFA Summit in Berlin, and speaking at IFA+ (a new think-tank conference exploring the future of appliances within the exhibition) was quite enlightening, so I wanted to share a few thoughts about it with you here. For a week every year, Berlin becomes the appliances – and

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