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eBay’s IoT Collections: Connected Coffee Machine

HOME Time to present the third episode in our Internet of Things Collections blog series: the Connected Coffee Machine! Fridges and coffee machines are probably in the top 3 “things an IoT tinkerer is likely to connect one day or another…”. Not wanting to fail tradition, the tech team at EVRYTHNG decided it was time

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Product tag with GS1 identifiers

eBay’s IoT Collections: EMF Smog Box

HOME And so it’s time for the second instalment of our Internet of Things Collections blog series for eBay: the EMF Smog Box! The basic concept of this project is quite simple: making electro magnetic fields (aka EMFs) visible! EMFs surround us day and night. Some are generated by natural elements such as the Sun

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The Launch of eBay’s IoT Collections: Smart Lamps

HOME Today sees the launch of ‘eBay Collections’ – eBay’s newest feature that allows its members to curate products around certain themes or ideas – and here at EVRYTHNG we are proud to have been asked to contribute 12 Internet of Things Collections as part of the initial launch campaign. We trust our IoT Collections

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iBeacons: Location, Location, Location

HOME In a recent interview for an upcoming Retail Paper we were asked to give our opinion on the future of location-based services, especially looking at the influence of new technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy. What could be the most valuable feature of location for retailers in 2014? iBeacons will probably be one of

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Can the Latest Alliance-Led IoT Protocol Be the Key to a Connected Future?

HOME The announcement last week from Technicolor that they are to bring their ‘Qeo Technology’ to complement Qualcomm’s ‘AllJoyn’ is further evidence of the Linux Foundation’s AllSeen Alliance bid to try to establish a standard protocol to enable billions of connected devices across the globe to talk to each other. It is interesting to see

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Welcome to my House, the Default Password is “Password”!

HOME In a recent interview for Swiss newspaper Le Temps I was asked what I thought of Shodan, the question was along these lines: “[…] We’ve heard a lot about Shodan lately, what do you think about it? Is it really working? Can we really find addresses of physical objects connected to the IP network

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Apple’s iBeacons, should NFC care?

HOME Last Friday, we were commenting for the Financial Times on Apple’s announcement of Bluetooth Low Energy support in the form of iBeacons. An announcement that might well start a little revolution, not so much because Apple invented it (in fact they did not…) but because iOS support of any protocol that more of less

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Things That Think Before They Speak

HOME There’s no doubt that the volume of ‘things’ connected to the internet is increasing dramatically. Cisco says there will be 25 billion things online by 2015; IBM says one trillion. Either way, the proportion of things to humans will increase sharply over the coming years. This raises a question about the impact of the

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International Web of Things Workshop – Call for Papers

HOME We are happy to announce that this year EVRYTHNG will again co-organize the International Web of Things workshop. As every year the workshop will consist of two distinct (but quite complementary parts). First, the WoT hackathon where makers and tinkerers will meet to build awesome prototypes with connected things and products. Then, the WoT scientific

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