#BeerGarageHack with ABInBev

As you can guess from the name, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s “Beer Garage Hackathon” event was a beer-themed, weekend-long hackathon to create new apps with digital content and mobile experiences around beer.

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More specifically, the #BeerGarageHack launched ABInBev’s new beer and food pairing API, which they developed with the help of Mashery. We added the EVRYTHNG API to the mix, and watched as the developers explored cool new mobile-first ways of selecting beer.

The EVRYTHNG IoT cloud platform makes two kinds of products smart: Tagged, non-electronic products like beer (which interact with smartphones to get online), and Connected products like appliances and consumer electronics.

The Tagged products side of the platform works with a range of tagging connectivity technologies from RFID and beacons to QR codes and printed electronics on packaging, but it also has an image recognition engine to make it super easy to visually “tag” and recognize any packaging or label, apply real-time rules and deliver back personalized content and services.

EVRYTHNG Co-founder & EVP of R&D gives feedback on the use of the EVRYTHNG API in the hackathon, iot platform

Vlad Trifa, EVRYTHNG’s Co-founder & EVP of R&D gives feedback on the use of the EVRYTHNG API. (Photo courtesy @BeMyAppUK)

There were overall ABinBev prizes for the best hacks, but EVRYTHNG also awarded a prize of 4 Raspberry Pi 2s to the team who made best use of our API. This was won by the Beerweiser project team, who used the Image Recognition features in our API to turn beer and food matching into a mobile, social game.

Beerweiser, iot platform, evrythng

In their own words:

“Drinking beer is an enjoyable moment. Why not make it even more fun? As children we played POKEMON with our brick-like Gameboys, collecting pocket monsters and showing these to our friends, sharing what we’ve learnt in the game. Beerweiser is a beer version of POKEMON (or Foursquare) aimed to provide the same happy experience.

By using Beerweiser, users can collect the beer they’ve tried to build their own beer gallery, earning badges by drinking certain amount, brands and countries of beer etc. Users can conquer the world simply by drinking beer from different origins. Users can advance their levels or earn even more badges by having the best combination of beer and food.

(Photo courtesy of the Beerwiser team)

The Beerweiser team used EVRYTHNG’s Image Recognition capabilities to scan the beer bottle/ label to identify which beer the user is drinking, and the Thng-Push API to push information to user devices to inform them that a new beer or challenge was available for them to try.

This ability for third party developers or agency and integrator partners to easily use product data to build real-time consumer mobile web apps is essential if brands want to leverage IoT technologies in a marketing context.

It’s pretty exciting to watch as big companies like ABInBev open up their data like this, and get together smart, creative people to use it in new ways. And it was great to make EVRYTHNG’s API part of this experience and see people rapidly prototype, deploy, iterate and optimize their creations using physical products to trigger real-time, personalized digital experiences. Cheers!

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