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Enterprise IoT adoption has entered a new phase, with global product brands applying IoT to manage anything from hundreds-of-thousands to hundreds-of-millions to billions of digitally enabled products, each driving real-time applications and services.

EVRYTHNG has managed applications involving some 3 billion products during the past 12 months, and going forward we expect to see the volume scale, diversity of application, diversity of connection and sensor technologies, and diversity of product type continue to multiply. There are in the order of 3.5 trillion consumer products made and sold each year around the world, and ever more of them are becoming digital.

As enterprises turn their physical products into digital assets, they face extraordinary new challenges of real-time data scale and connectivity that demand a best-in-class IoT smart product platform to manage billions of software identities in the cloud for these products. Global product manufacturers, retailers and service providers have to be capable of working with a diversity of different device and connectivity technologies, enable digital applications to be built quickly and easily in an increasingly dynamic environment, while at the same time protecting enterprise integrity and data with rigorous security.

A Digital Identity on the Web for Every Product

EVRYTHNG was founded with a vision of every product in the world becoming a participant in the digital application ecosystem through Active Digital Identities™ (ADIs) – each a unique digital identity and data profile, connecting with products physically through serialized identity, smart tags, sensors and controllers, and enabling products to transact with applications on the Web through standards-based APIs.

Active Digital Identities™ provide a way for products to gather and share data throughout their lifecycle and end-to-end through the supply chain. They make it possible for applications to work with data from and about products abstracted from how those products are physically connected to the network, And they make it possible for applications to be driven by products and their data with algorithms and analytics in the cloud. ADIs enable products to drive and participate in multiple applications for product control, tracking and analytics, and direct to consumer services and engagement.

Our view at EVRYTHNG is that the Web is the world’s application integration platform and application ecosystem. By connecting products to the Web we make it possible for products to create new application value by participating in this ecosystem, take advantage of the technology standards the Web as proven so well, the global resource base of Web developers, and connect efficiently with other products, applications, enterprise systems and services.

Defining IoT Smart Product Platform Market Leadership

This month we have announced a raft of enhancements to the EVRYTHNG IoT Smart Products Platform that demonstrate EVRYTHNG’s market leadership and proven ability to meet the needs of global manufacturers for smart product and smart packaging IoT applications. With enhanced functionality, scalability and ecosystem connectivity, EVRYTHNG continues to position ourselves as the best-in-class digital identity and data management.

EVRYTHNG’s latest platform release includes:

    • BATCHTHNG™, a service to generate millions or billions of unique, crypto-secure ADIs replete with data profiles and that can then be deployed onto products with different hardware technologies ranging from printed tags to smart controllers at point of manufacture or in the supply chain.
    • EVRYTHNG COLLECTIONS enables ADIs to be organized into groups based on real-world relationships. Examples include a set of components making-up a larger machine, individual products in a case, palette or shipment, or a group of devices in an office or home that can should be controlled or managed together.
    • A significantly upgraded release of REACTOR™, EVRYTHNG’s programmable rules engine that enables developers to write their own rules logic in Javascript style code and that executes in real time embedded in the EVRYTHNG platform to drive product control or application response to product events. REACTOR™ now supports increased scale, with increased performance and security management.
    • REDIRECTOR™ provides real-time, rule-based control of Web redirection for products tagged with QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags or optically recognized, using EVRYTHNG’s REACTOR™ to direct end user interaction with a product to a Web application or Web services using variables like location, time, end user identity or other data from enterprise systems like ERP or CRM, or third party services on the Web.


  • THNGHUB™, a local software ‘cloudlet’ that turns any connected Linux device into a universal smart product IoT hub. THNGHUB™ solves the problem of how to unify different devices and sensors connected to different ecosystems and communications protocols in smart home or enterprise environments, with seamless communication and control for products locally and remotely. THNGHUB™ works as a local cloud in lockstep with EVRYTHNG’s IoT Smart Products Platform and provides local web APIs, data storage and a rules engine which means devices can be controlled and logic can be executed locally, even when there is no internet access or connectivity to the cloud.

These platform capability enhancements have been released alongside further enterprise features and extensions, including improved security with two-factor authentication and a trusted application key support, and further enhancements to EVRYTHNG’s development tools and SDKs, enabling faster development of IoT applications.

The DNA of Enterprise IoT

EVRYTHNG supports large-scale, global smart product applications by managing real-time data from and about products, providing the tools to program product data to drive applications and products themselves, and connecting products to the Web to participate in the digital ecosystem with other products and third party applications and services.


The latest platform enhancements announced add to EVRYTHNG’s extensive feature set, which includes:

  • THNGPUSH™, a multi-protocol messaging service for connected products supporting standards including MQTT and WebSockets.
  • THNGSTORE™, a large scale dynamic data management environment supporting product data models with semi-typed attributes and customer fields.
  • An infrastructure-as-code platform that ensures EVRYTHNG is able to scale on-demand to service applications with low latency independent of the volume of active products or application requests.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud connectivity making it easy for products using the EVRYTHNG IoT Platform to work with products and applications in third party ecosystems and with enterprise systems.

EVRYTHNG’s platform-as-a-service acts as this central orchestration engine for an enterprise’s products, harmonizing the differences in protocols, tags, sensors and connectivity to bring product data together as a value driving capability for the enterprise. At the heart of the challenge for enterprises turning their physical products into digital assets is a requirement to reconcile diversity of technology, enormous scale of entities and real-time application demand, and paradox of rigorous security whilst optimizing the ability to connect product data with an ever widening array of applications, ecosystems and user groups.

This is EVRYTHNG’s wheel-house.

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