Blockchain Integration Hub

Distributed Ledger Technology is still in its infancy and solutions are not yet proven at scale. Consumer product manufacturers have to work with multiple blockchains for different use cases and partners, but integrating to each one individually is just not viable. This makes interoperability and flexibility between blockchains critical.


How do you ensure that different physical products can easily participate in multiple blockchains?


And if they can, how do you avoid creating more data silos?


How do you avoid data becoming fragmented and becoming impossible to manage or leverage?

The Answer: The Blockchain Integration Hub

We created a powerful and scalable orchestration layer between a growing number of leading blockchain protocols and solutions. It’s a unique approach which extends the smart capabilities of digitized products with the decentralized features of integrated blockchains.

How it Works

The Blockchain Integration Hub™ enables data about products to be replicated to, or collected from, different blockchains. This might be supply chain history, live tracking data or consumer engagement.


We run packaged scripts in the EVT cloud for each blockchain which translates events and actions to the different data models used by our blockchain partners. We also manage, secure and scale blockchain nodes for our customers as needed.

The Benefits

Minimize Lock-In: Helps you avoid being locked in to any single blockchain
Test and Learn: Lets you easily experiment with POCs for different blockchains
Mix and Match: Enables interoperability across different blockchain solutions throughout the full product lifecycle
On- and Off-Chain: You can be both on- and off-chain. Select, filter, hash, aggregate and encrypt what goes into the different blockchains
Future-Proof: Blockchains and distributed ledger tech is still evolving fast. This protects you by avoiding lengthy, custom integrations today

Interested in learning more? Read our Blockchain Integration Hub white paper.

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