Andy Hobsbawm,

 They say you are the company you keep. If so, we were understandably over the moon to be honored by Red Herring’s editors for their Top 100 Award for outstanding entrepreneurs and most promising industry disruptors – a distinction previously conferred on start-ups like Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Kakao, Skype, SuperCell, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Co-founder and CEO Niall Murphy went to the event in Amsterdam with a cut in his strut, and a glide in his stride (to paraphrase Mr Tom Waits from Nighthawk Postcards), to mingle with fellow tech entrepreneurs, corporate strategists, venture financiers, founders, investors and CEOs of disruptive companies from across Europe.

Red Herring picks the award winners from approximately 1,200 privately financed companies each year in the European Region alone and analyzes many criteria to make a final Top 100 selection, including:

  • Level of specialty
  • IP in the solution created through internal R&D
  • Social contribution
  • Disruptiveness of the solution in its respective markets
  • Venture investment
  • Market maturity
  • International footprint (including international employees)
  • Revenues and the company’s overall globalization
  • Start-up growth stage
  • Growth rate
  • Industry awards and recognitions
  • Market size
  • Execution index
  • Technological advantage
  • Number of customers and users
  • Regional considerations
  • Branding
  • CEO/Team experience and track record
  • Team quality and experience

We’re honored to be selected be Red Herring editors as one of the cutting edge companies changing our societies and economies – and especially pleased that this comes on the heels of winning a Bloomberg Business Innovators Award earlier in the year.

You can see the full list of 2016 Red Herring Top 100 winners here.

Andy Perrin,

Our UX and front-end teams have been super busy over the last few months, and today we’re excited to unveil our new, improved EVRYTHNG dashboard!

The dashboard has been re-designed to provide a better user experience and be fully responsive. We’ve also enabled full customization and localization on a customer-by-customer basis.

Why? Our customers are incredibly diverse, with products ranging from connected devices like smart plugs, toothbrushes and lights; to CPG products like packs of gum, bottles of wine and cans of soda. Their requirements are both very specific and diverse, so it makes sense that we provide them with the most flexible, adaptable admin and analytics capabilities in our platform.

So what’s changed?

A new architecture

To support different web components frameworks like Polymer or Angular 2.0 in coming releases, we’ve redeveloped the portal so that every module is an individual widget, or separate application. This means that our customers can build their own unique data dashboards for different users or lines of business, according to the kinds of data they want to view and manage.

Because these web components are written in Javascript, they can call any of the EVRYTHNG APIs, customer APIs or any other public APIs from within these widgets. This means that customers can create data mashups from a variety of sources, resulting in a unique visualization displayed in a single graphical interface.
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Full customization!

Data Views

  • Using our new customization tool you can add, remove or modify data views within your dashboard.
  • These views can merge product data, or data from Collections, Actions and Locations, with data from in-house CRM or ERP systems to create your own bespoke, integrated dashboard.
  • All existing modules within the EVRYTHNG dashboard now come as out-of-the-box widgets that can be modified, reused or removed.


  • To simplify how enterprises and service providers manage their services, we’ve introduced roles.
  • Roles define access levels, like API permissions and portal privileges.
  • Multiple roles can be created within each customer account on the portal, typically mapping to different functions – like Business Analytics or Support.
  • Users who share the same Role can also be provided with custom Role-based dashboards.


Responsive & easier to use

  • Designed to be fully responsive for any mobile or web device.
  • To provide a better user experience on smaller devices, we’ve moved the main navigation to the left hand side and have introduced a fully flexible menu structure to allow for higher number of pages to be visible.
  • And to support our global product manufacturers as their deployments grow, the portal now supports full localization and allows customers to apply their own brand look and feel.


A refresh for our developer hub

We’ve also revamped our developer site, with updated documentation and a cleaner look. This makes it easier to to find the resources you need – whether SDKs, tutorials or API guides. Check it out at:

Niall Murphy,

We’re feeling incredibly proud with today’s announcement of EVRYTHNG’s partnership with Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) that will see us bring at least 10 billion apparel and footwear products to market over the next 36 months as Web-ready physical products. Between Avery Dennison RBIS and EVRYTHNG, we’re building Active Digital Identities™ into products as they’re manufactured. As a Fortune 500 packaging materials leader globally, Avery Dennison RBIS labels and tags a significant proportion of the world’s footwear and apparel products as they’re made, working with many, many major brands. Now every product is capable of being born digital with software identities in the cloud, these brands can unleash a raft of new value with digital applications, experiences and analytics.

EVRYTHNG was founded with a vision of every product in the world becoming a digital thing – physical products connected to the Web and participating in the digital application ecosystem. This partnership with Avery Dennison RBIS is a huge step toward realizing that vision in a very real way. As far as we can tell, this is the largest single number of physical things to be connected to the Web in a single event, and as such is a major milestone for the Internet of Things. But most importantly this partnership is about making it a lot easier for everyone who makes, sells, or uses footwear, apparel and accessories products to benefit from the application value of those physical things becoming digital.

Bruce Sterling

We’re building digital capability in at point of manufacture, so that every product now has its own unique digital identity and data profile in the cloud, can trigger and drive digital applications, and has the ability to share its data with authorized applications and services. We just made apparel things into Web things. I hope Bruce Sterling will get a kick out of us realizing his vision of ‘Googling your shoes’.

We’re now in a world where it’s possible for consumers to find out how products are made by asking them, to reorder something they like from the thing itself, to walk into a store and collect a product they bought online by ‘checking-in’ to it, to get advice directly from a product, and engage with the brand and community around the product. For product manufacturers, it’s now possible to authenticate products, follow them right through their lifecycle, and to understand more about where products are, who’s got them, what they’re doing with them, and how content drives interaction and sales. Information is power.

Deal sig

At an industry level, this partnership illustrates a business model for how packaging and device companies can participate in the Internet of Things, accessing new revenue and application opportunities with digital capability. EVRYTHNG’s Active Digital Identities™ make it possible to give billions of items this digital capability that can enable value for many others in the ecosystem and down-stream in the value-chain. We’re excited to be working with Avery Dennison RBIS, and have other partnerships of this ilk in the wings. Watch this space.

With billions of apparel and footwear items now Born Digital, there is an exciting challenge for designers to conceptualize and realize product experiences that are both physical and digital at the same time. The scale of the enablement brought to the apparel industry by EVRYTHNG and Avery Dennison RBIS creates a critical mass, and the race is now on to see the most effective experiences and business application benefits.

It’s nice to be able to make a bit of history every now and then. Looking forward to turning this milestone into an exciting future.

Niall Murphy,

Enterprise IoT adoption has entered a new phase, with global product brands applying IoT to manage anything from hundreds-of-thousands to hundreds-of-millions to billions of digitally enabled products, each driving real-time applications and services.

EVRYTHNG has managed applications involving some 3 billion products during the past 12 months, and going forward we expect to see the volume scale, diversity of application, diversity of connection and sensor technologies, and diversity of product type continue to multiply. There are in the order of 3.5 trillion consumer products made and sold each year around the world, and ever more of them are becoming digital.

As enterprises turn their physical products into digital assets, they face extraordinary new challenges of real-time data scale and connectivity that demand a best-in-class IoT smart product platform to manage billions of software identities in the cloud for these products. Global product manufacturers, retailers and service providers have to be capable of working with a diversity of different device and connectivity technologies, enable digital applications to be built quickly and easily in an increasingly dynamic environment, while at the same time protecting enterprise integrity and data with rigorous security.


A Digital Identity on the Web for Every Product

EVRYTHNG was founded with a vision of every product in the world becoming a participant in the digital application ecosystem through Active Digital Identities™ (ADIs) – each a unique digital identity and data profile, connecting with products physically through serialized identity, smart tags, sensors and controllers, and enabling products to transact with applications on the Web through standards-based APIs.

Active Digital Identities™ provide a way for products to gather and share data throughout their lifecycle and end-to-end through the supply chain. They make it possible for applications to work with data from and about products abstracted from how those products are physically connected to the network, And they make it possible for applications to be driven by products and their data with algorithms and analytics in the cloud. ADIs enable products to drive and participate in multiple applications for product control, tracking and analytics, and direct to consumer services and engagement.

Our view at EVRYTHNG is that the Web is the world’s application integration platform and application ecosystem. By connecting products to the Web we make it possible for products to create new application value by participating in this ecosystem, take advantage of the technology standards the Web as proven so well, the global resource base of Web developers, and connect efficiently with other products, applications, enterprise systems and services.


Defining IoT Smart Product Platform Market Leadership

This month we have announced a raft of enhancements to the EVRYTHNG IoT Smart Products Platform that demonstrate EVRYTHNG’s market leadership and proven ability to meet the needs of global manufacturers for smart product and smart packaging IoT applications. With enhanced functionality, scalability and ecosystem connectivity, EVRYTHNG continues to position ourselves as the best-in-class digital identity and data management.

EVRYTHNG’s latest platform release includes:

  • BATCHTHNG™, a service to generate millions or billions of unique, crypto-secure ADIs replete with data profiles and that can then be deployed onto products with different hardware technologies ranging from printed tags to smart controllers at point of manufacture or in the supply chain.

  • EVRYTHNG COLLECTIONS enables ADIs to be organized into groups based on real-world relationships. Examples include a set of components making-up a larger machine, individual products in a case, palette or shipment, or a group of devices in an office or home that can should be controlled or managed together.

  • A significantly upgraded release of REACTOR™, EVRYTHNG’s programmable rules engine that enables developers to write their own rules logic in Javascript style code and that executes in real time embedded in the EVRYTHNG platform to drive product control or application response to product events. REACTOR™ now supports increased scale, with increased performance and security management.

  • REDIRECTOR™ provides real-time, rule-based control of Web redirection for products tagged with QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags or optically recognized, using EVRYTHNG’s REACTOR™ to direct end user interaction with a product to a Web application or Web services using variables like location, time, end user identity or other data from enterprise systems like ERP or CRM, or third party services on the Web.
  • RED_5

  • THNGHUB™, a local software ‘cloudlet’ that turns any connected Linux device into a universal smart product IoT hub. THNGHUB™ solves the problem of how to unify different devices and sensors connected to different ecosystems and communications protocols in smart home or enterprise environments, with seamless communication and control for products locally and remotely. THNGHUB™ works as a local cloud in lockstep with EVRYTHNG’s IoT Smart Products Platform and provides local web APIs, data storage and a rules engine which means devices can be controlled and logic can be executed locally, even when there is no internet access or connectivity to the cloud.

These platform capability enhancements have been released alongside further enterprise features and extensions, including improved security with two-factor authentication and a trusted application key support, and further enhancements to EVRYTHNG’s development tools and SDKs, enabling faster development of IoT applications.


The DNA of Enterprise IoT

EVRYTHNG supports large-scale, global smart product applications by managing real-time data from and about products, providing the tools to program product data to drive applications and products themselves, and connecting products to the Web to participate in the digital ecosystem with other products and third party applications and services.


The latest platform enhancements announced add to EVRYTHNG’s extensive feature set, which includes:

  • THNGPUSH™, a multi-protocol messaging service for connected products supporting standards including MQTT and WebSockets.
  • THNGSTORE™, a large scale dynamic data management environment supporting product data models with semi-typed attributes and customer fields.
  • An infrastructure-as-code platform that ensures EVRYTHNG is able to scale on-demand to service applications with low latency independent of the volume of active products or application requests.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud connectivity making it easy for products using the EVRYTHNG IoT Platform to work with products and applications in third party ecosystems and with enterprise systems.

EVRYTHNG’s platform-as-a-service acts as this central orchestration engine for an enterprise’s products, harmonizing the differences in protocols, tags, sensors and connectivity to bring product data together as a value driving capability for the enterprise. At the heart of the challenge for enterprises turning their physical products into digital assets is a requirement to reconcile diversity of technology, enormous scale of entities and real-time application demand, and paradox of rigorous security whilst optimizing the ability to connect product data with an ever widening array of applications, ecosystems and user groups.

This is EVRYTHNG’s wheel-house.

Laura Lilienthal,

We’re excited to announce that Cameron Hulett, our Chief Commercial Officer, will deliver a keynote at the Adobe Summit EMEA, held in London on May 11 and 12.

In his talk, Cameron will explore how the Internet of Things presents a unique opportunity for consumer product manufacturers to transform how they engage with their customers.

A brand’s physical product represents an owned-media channel of millions and even billions of daily consumer touch points, with far higher reach than any other media. Cameron will reveal how brands are using IoT technologies to turn these products into real-time interactive assets to create direct digital relationships with individual customers.

The ubiquity of smartphones and the growing sophistication of on-pack identifiers and image recognition technology means products can now be enhanced with a digital layer. Using cloud-based software intelligence and real-time data management, brands can deliver highly personalized, engaging digital experiences to consumers scanning products, whether in store, at a concert or at home.

On top of building brand loyalty and engagement, the other prize from this IoT innovation is data. The keynote will look at how smart products provide the vital missing piece of the marketing jigsaw: real-time insights into how customers buy and use their products. Brands gain significant competitive advantage by building up a rich database of user profiles, behaviours, locations and times of day, all generated by millions of real-world consumer interactions. Without doubt, smarter products = smarter marketing!

If you are planning to attend the summit, and would like a 1-2-1 meeting with Cameron, please get in touch!