Data-Driven Brand Integrity

Next-generation brand protection for end-to-end traceability and authentication. Move beyond the limitations of legacy solutions by leveraging cloud-based intelligence to tackle counterfeit and gray market at scale.

How it works


Digital Activation

Every item has a secure serialized digital identity, embedded in code on labels or packaging and activated in factory.

Data Capture

Data Capture

From integrated supply chain Brand Inspector authentication, and crowdsourced data from consumer engagements.

Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Customizable business rules and machine Learning models enable real-time detection, visibility and tracking via powerful dashboards.

“The launch of digital product IDs demonstrates how we continue to use technology to deliver more for our consumers and ensure the integrity of our products throughout their lifecycle”

David Lauren

Chief Innovation Officer
Polo Ralph Lauren

Protect your brand, not just your products

Apply data science at scale. Change the way you think about brand protection

Protect your brand, not just your products

Detect counterfeit

Consumer and brand inspector authentication, using real-time rules and machine learning algorithms.

Track product diversion

Use crowdsourced data capture to exponentially increase visibility across all markets and minimize margin from undetected gray market activity.

Eliminate Backdoor Goods

Automatically detect all unauthorized products in market and trace back to source factory to prevent margin erosion.


Data Science

Data Science

You can put any printed or electronic tag on your products – we are compatible with all. EVRYTHNG specialize in applying intelligence in the cloud on matter what physical mark you chose.

Layered Security


Stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters by adding multi-factor authentication to your products for an even greater level of protection.

Lower Cost


Because ours is a non additive solution with no major packaging changes nor complex material science application, it is more scalable and cost effective.

Enterprise Wide


We manage end-to-end product lifecycle data so you can also deploy supply chain and consumer engagement applications driven by the same digital identity and physical mark.  

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