Carrefour Tests Smart Recycling Powered by EVRYTHNG & recycl3R

EVRYTHNG and recycl3R collaborate with Carrefour and The Circular Lab to pilot a new initiative leveraging Smart Products to improve recycling habits.

Logroño, 13th April.- A collaboration between EVRYTHNG, recycl3R, Carrefour, and The Circular Lab has developed a mobile application, Recicla Ya, that allows customers of Carrefour to scan products and receive information on how to properly recycle them. Customers are incentivized by a reward system to use the app and recycle their products.

The retailer has successfully launched the first trial of the project at the Circular Lab, the innovation center of Ecoembes, located in Logroño, Spain. During the pilot, 50 Carrefour customers had the opportunity to try the Recicla Ya app and give feedback.

Consumers in the supermarket area selecting products and going through the checkout process

In the pilot, consumers experienced shopping with a twist. They took a simulated visit to a Carrefour supermarket, selected some of their regular products, and went through the checkout process as usual.

The barcode on the receipt in this case had an enhanced use. By scanning it with the Recicla Ya app, the purchased products appear and are catalogued within the app. Consumers can then use the app to keep track of their products and get information on how to sort their waste, depending on the parts of the products and the corresponding recycling scheme in the area (plastic/metal, cardboard, glass or regular waste).

Consumers scanning their receipts and checking their products in the app

The app also geolocates the closest waste and recycling containers and displays information about the collection schedule. Additionally, street bins become “Smart Bins” by the use of Smart Tags deployed on the bins with QR Codes and NFC technology (this last one provided by our partner Thinfilm). Consumers can dispose of their garbage and use the Recicla Ya app to check and acknowledge which container they used.

Consumers interact with the SmartTags on the bins

All of the actions carried out by consumers in the application were virtually rewarded through a point system. As part of the pilot, we surveyed the consumers to test their reactions to the idea of being rewarded in different ways for improving their recycling habits. We’ll be sharing the results and technical aspects in an upcoming blog — stay tuned!

Next steps include deploying the system at scale in two cities in Spain — Logroño and Palma de Mallorca — in the following months.

EVRYTHNG’s Smart Products Platform provides the capabilities to execute and deploy such a system at scale, providing a digital identity to all the products from Carrefour and all the street bins deployed in the city. It also provides seamless integration with external data systems, such as the recycling information service developed by recycl3R and the NFC tagging technology provided by Thinfilm, contributing to the digital transformation of fast moving consumer goods — in this specific case with the aim of improving the recycling habits of consumers.

This initiative was carried out inside the TagItSmart project, a European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 688061.

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