Luxury Apparel Brand

A global leader in luxury apparel with fashion brands in men and women wear and hundreds of directly-owned stores. They use EVRYTHNG to deliver tracking, authentication and consumer experiences across the full product lifecycle.


Limited visibility across their global supply chain and distribution network means the brand are unable to identify and tackle issues like counterfeit and backdoor goods, as well as gray market activity. The result is continued loss of revenues and brand erosion.

In addition, a lack of direct connection with consumer poses a threat in the face of increasing competition from other luxury apparel brands and mass-scale commerce providers like Amazon who are leveraging their digital advantage to acquire valuable data on consumers. The brand needs to get closer to their end customers, to acquire data on who and where they are and their buying habits.


The brand is in the process of digitally switching on their entire product range of millions of apparel items. It starts in the factory. Data is collected in the EVRYTHNG platform from manufacturing and printing systems, and every garment is authenticated before it starts its journey.

Analytics dashboards with alerts track supply chain and distribution activity, as products travel through the distribution network and into the consumers’ hands. Field personnel, partners and consumers scan and authenticate items using smartphones, anywhere, anytime. The EVRYTHNG platform applies machine learning in real-time to this crowd-sourced data to detect product or supply chain integrity issues.

At the same time, consumers get the opportunity to connect directly with the brand via the product to access product information, recommendations and in the future, other digital and eCommerce services. The result is a treasure trove of first-party data for the brand to better understand and reach their end customers.


Initial pilots have demonstrated compelling ROI for the brand and paved the way for a full-scale global rollout. Notably:

- Unparalleled real-time in-factory visibility. Being able to see production against purchase orders across a range of locations means they can more effectively manage demand and production.

- Enabling consumers to scan and interact with garments has given the brand a new channel to their consumer, and an ability to identity VIP or brand champions.

- Acquiring direct product feedback from consumers at point of sale or post-purchase means for the first time they can gauge instantly the success of their product ranges, and use this knowledge to shape further product innovations.

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