eBay’s IoT Collections: Connected Coffee Machine

Time to present the third episode in our Internet of Things Collections blog series: the Connected Coffee Machine!

Fridges and coffee machines are probably in the top 3 “things an IoT tinkerer is likely to connect one day or another…”. Not wanting to fail tradition, the tech team at EVRYTHNG decided it was time to connect our dear coffee machine to the Web through the EVRYTHNG API.

“Connected as in I can send a tweet to your coffee machine and it makes me coffee?”, I hear you say. Not at all! That is so last year. 😉 We, at EVRYTHNG, are used to connecting dumb (as in no-electronics-beyond-tags) products and giving them a digital identity. Thus, our coffee machine is activated by checking-in and scanning (NFC, QR or IR) packs of coffee.

connected coffee machine

As such, we created a recipe about wiring an mbed device to the electronics of an off-the-shelf coffee machine, then connecting the mbed to the EVRYTHNG API and creating a mobile web page that communicates with the machine through the EVRYTHNG API.

If all this has made you thirsty for more (see what we did there?) all the ingredients you need are listed in EVRYTHNG’s eBay Connected Coffee Machine Collection, and a more comprehensive step-by-step guide can be found over on the Web of Things blog!

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