The Always-On Channel for the Always-On Consumer

The era of connected packaging is here. Engage with your consumers anytime, anywhere, to build deeper, more valuable relationships. Deliver product transparency, context-aware experiences and new DTC services, with a simple smartphone scan of your products, and unlock game-changing insights into your audience in the process.

How it works


An Active Digital Identity™ in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® is given to every product, at serialized item, SKU or batch level.


Add a QR code, NFC tag or other identifier to your product packaging or label, scannable by consumers in-store or at home


Dynamic rules in cloud use real-time context data to determine application experience and content, all using the same code


Drives first party data capture for CRM, enabling marketers to personalize campaigns and improve distribution and sales

Customer stories

With EVRYTHNG pioneering brands have transformed their products into a new digital touchpoint to redefine the consumer experience.

Ralph Lauren


Consumer authentication, style tips and buy direct from their eComm store.



Driving engagement and social sharing through prize draws and giveaways. 



Interactive in-store displays and product content to drive conversions. 



Full item provenance and history from egg to store, for trust and transparency.

Another Tomorrow


Showcasing the provenance and sustainability of every garment.



Product provenance and blockchain-connected crypto rewards program.

“By giving every bag of sugar an EVRYTHNG Active Digital Identity, we now have an always-on channel of communication to continuously engage with our consumers.”

Geert Van Aelst
Head of Marketing

Südzucker Group

Real-time insights to optimize the consumer experience

The scan – where, when, why did they engage
The consumer – who they are, and on what device
The product – which one, what channel and how was it fulfilled
The engagement – what information are they requesting, what are they telling you back

Better engagement. And the numbers to prove it.

More engagements than paid digital media

Longer dwell time from pack-originated visitors

Average scan rate compared to Google CTR of 1.4%


Standout with context-aware engagement

Patented technology to dynamically deliver multiple applications from the same digital identity and code, simplifying your packaging and creating memorable consumer experiences.

Your end-to-end connected platform

Enables you to collect and share data from full product lifecycle for full transparency, creating a connection between your products, your audience and the wider digital ecosystem.

Get to market faster, at scale

We’re industry leaders in product digitization. We’ve engineered scalable processes to embed digital identities onto products at source, through our printing and packaging partnerships and serialization capabilities.

The command center for your products

Activate connected pack across all your countries, brands and products. 

EVRYTHNG integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and is built for scale.

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