Next Generation Consumer Experience

Connected Pack powered by the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® creates a new scalable DTC channel. The smart way to engage with the always-on consumer.

CPG brands innovating with EVRYTHNG

How EVRYTHNG helps CPG brands

The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud gives an Active Digital Identity™ to every item, linked to a smartphone-scannable code or tag on the product.  This is your new digital touchpoint.


Connected Pack opens up limitless possibilities


Use real-time intelligence from the cloud to deliver personalized and dynamic experiences. 

Build Advocacy

Give consumers transparency, sustainability and provenance information for every item.

Grow Revenues

Launch new DTC services from the product itself: Loyalty, Rewards, Re-order, Up-sell.


Transform how you reach and retain consumers

More Effective Spend

Drive higher quality, lower cost engagement, with 5x higher average scan rate than Google CTR.  

Real-time Insights

Collect first-party data for CRM and unparalleled measurement of consumer behaviors and product usage.

Deeper Engagement

Turn ‘brand in hand’ moments in store or at home into long-term 1:1 relationships with your consumers.

Key capabilities for the CPG industry

Products born digital

Put simply, to make connected pack work, you need a way to put codes on products at scale. That’s why EVRYTHNG integrates with the world’s leading packaging providers.

“Through our partnership with EVRYTHNG, we’ve made it fast and simple for companies to digitize their products with global scalability.”

Peter Durette
President, Enterprise Solutions and Strategy

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