Smart Recycling Propels Consumer Goods Industry into the Circular Economy

September 25, 2018

Recycling. We all know it’s important but the reality is — it isn’t always easy. And when things aren’t easy for busy consumers on-the-go, even the best intentions get lost in the rush. After all, time is precious.

With this in mind EVRYTHNG has prioritized initiatives in support of a more sustainable future including, recycling.

We’re excited to bring you a much anticipated update to the news we shared last April about our collaboration with Recycl3R. Specifically, our mutual quest to transform the way consumers recycle products. After months of testing and perfecting the app in TheCircularLab, we officially launched a first-of-its kind recycling program in Spain.

For the first time, consumers can receive detailed information on how to recycle all products and packaging using a single app, and be rewarded for their participation. It’s convenient and simple, and through a gamified experience, it drives a new style of behavior.

How does it work?
The app, powered by EVRYTHNG and launched by Carrefour at supermarkets in Spain, is called Reciclaya. The new app allows customers to determine how to recycle individual products by simply scanning the barcode on their supermarket receipt. Consumers follow three simple steps:

  • Scan shopping receipts to import purchased products into a mobile recycling app.
  • Sort at home. Through the mobile app, consumers can access information on where, when and how to recycle the different parts of each product based on local schemes.
  • Recycle items in street bins or preferred recycling centers. Consumers can earn rewards by registering where they are recycling by scanning or tapping identity tags on recycling units.

It Takes A Village
This new recycling scheme wasn’t born in a vacuum. As part of the European Union’s TagistSmart-Horizon 2020 initiative, EVRYTHNG teamed with industry bodies, local authorities and leading brands including, Carrefour, PepsiCo, Henkel, Unilever and Procter & Gamble, to bring this innovative recycling program to market. By simplifying recycling for consumers, we help the retail industry meet sustainability and green targets.

Our work with Carrefour is among the first deployments at scale, but other brands are jumping on board in real-time.

What’s Next
We’re continuously exploring ways to apply IoT technology throughout the product lifecycle, from sustainable production to more efficient transportation to responsible recycling post-purchase. We’re ushering in a new era of product digitization to drive circular economy initiatives within the consumer goods industry. If you’re a consumer product manufacturer, now is the time to catch the wave. To learn more about EVRYTHNG’s sustainability initiatives visit (insert link).


Judy Moon

Judy Moon

VP Sales

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