Our Customers

With EVRYTHNG’s technology we are creating Diageo’s first one-to-one marketing platform at point of sale which means we can engage and respond continuously to our highly connected consumers by bridging the virtual and real worlds.

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Diageo,customersVenky Balakrishnan,
Global VP for Marketing Innovation

Brands, Manufacturers and Marketers

Get closer to customers by making every product an active channel for digital services, personalized for each user. Product categories that can use EVRYTHNG's software technology, range from durables (white goods, furniture, cars) and fast-moving consumables (groceries, household products, clothing), to 'passion products' (musical instruments, sports equipment, consumer electronics), healthcare (medical drugs and consumer devices) and industrial products (factory machinery, medical equipment, infrastructure and utilities).

Retailers & Enterprises

Use the EVRYTHNG Engine to create an Active Digital Identity™ for every product sold (including 'own brand' goods) or enterprise asset under management. Then build valuable digital service experiences for end customers, and applications that track items and store metadata and real-time updates from objects. Use EVRYTHNG to manage how connected products interact with applications and services on the Web.

Application Developers

Design and develop innovative digital experiences and services built around the relationship between a customer and their product. Apply real-time information from and about real-world things and deliver digital services that connect people to their physical products and augment the ownership experience.

Network & Service Providers

Use EVRYTHNG to automatically create an online presence for any kind of object, and create new consumer or enterprise services. Manage and track objects through multiple networks and present a cohesive service to enterprise customers.