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    Making the physical product part of every campaign, across all countries, so that anyone buying a Coca-Cola product will be able to digitally interact via their smartphone just as naturally as they navigate the rest of the digital world.
    EVRYTHNG’s scalable IoT Platform and a highly engaging promotion that incentivized consumers to digitally connect with 18 specially-designed Coke Zero cans.
    10% of Coke’s total web traffic came from users who scanned products, higher than any other owned media source, and outperforming other media channels.Moreover the traffic that was generated was high quality, with higher than average consumer “dwell time”. The campaign exceeded all targets for scan engagement volumes and conversion rates.

With billions of always-on products across Europe, we needed the chosen solution to be future-proof and scalable to handle real-time, personalized experiences for massive sales volumes.

Michael Schwarz

Head of Digital Acceleration, Coca-Cola Western Europe

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