eBay’s IoT Collections: EMF Smog Box

And so it’s time for the second instalment of our Internet of Things Collections blog series for eBay: the EMF Smog Box!

The basic concept of this project is quite simple: making electro magnetic fields (aka EMFs) visible! EMFs surround us day and night. Some are generated by natural elements such as the Sun or the stars, others however are created by humans – mostly through the use of wireless technologies.

electro magnetic fields

EMFs are invisible but scientists are not yet sure of the impact they have on our health, sleep patterns, moods, etc. especially when considering high-frequency fields (see for instance the results of the Interphone study, one of the biggest of its genre). So, visualising these fields is the first step towards awareness; plus it’s quite fun!

For the full techy ‘recipe’ and step by step instructions head over to the Web of Things blog.

And to make it even more interesting (and more ‘Web of Things’!) you could also connect your shiny new device to the EVRYTHNG API to store and graph your measurements. Our Java SDK supports Android.

Electro Magnetic Fields, EMF Smog Box

Wanting to go even further? You could even build maps of the electrosmog in your city, finding the EMF quiet zones! 😉

Watch this space for the next in the recipe blog series – Connected Coffee Machine – which will be live next week, in the meantime, go and check out the rest of EVRTHNG’s eBay Collections.

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