End of Year Roundup

It’s been a rather busy and exciting year for EVRYTHNG, so we thought it was worth reminding ourselves what’s happened over the last 11 months, 11 days, 10 hours and 37 minutes (depending on when you read this), and why not update the wider world at the same time.

Three Amigos, EVRYTHNG IoT review

We’ve been working on partnerships with packaging firms like iZipline, marketing services networks like Omnicom Media Group, Draftfcb, Y&R, M&C Saatchi and Rapp, and technology leaders like IBM, WC3 and the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, matching our IoT platform and smart product software with their ambitions to help people digitally interact with physical things.

Kirsten Dunst, EVRYTHNG IoT review

The engineering team have been working all year on upgrading EVRYTHNG’s heavyweight, cloud software environment handling many millions of product interactions – either natively connected objects via embedded chips, sensors, etc; or connectable things using smart tags in combination with smartphones and tablets.

After the most recent rounds of sophisticated scalability tests and new data formats and wrappers for connected things, we’ve just released the latest EVRYTHNG Engine and portal update. The dev team have promised us that ‘Kirsten’ is pretty awesome, although the sprint for January’s ‘Bethany’ release starts next week, so watch this space…

We also filed another two patents this year to do with an exciting mobile product engagement technology we’ve developed, which helps make more products smart by connecting them to the Web more easily.

Opportunity Av, Knocking St, EVRYTHNG IoT review

In terms of customer highlights, it’s been a great year and we’ve been working with some of the world’s best known brands and businesses using EVRYTHNG’s software Engine for making products smart. Here are a few representative highlights:

Consumer goods

Using the +More platform we run for DIAGEO on the EVRYTHNG Engine, we’ve rolled out brand new campaigns and a variety of applications in four new markets, with lots more planned for 2014. While our work with CPG giant Mondelez is scheduled for a Q1 release in North America.

We’ve also been working on retail NFC trials in the US with a food and drinks brand famous for breaking the mould. And one of the largest CPG firms in the world is working with our software to make their household name products interactive and engage consumers in more positive lifestyles.


We’ve been asked by a challenger brand in the jewelry sector to re-image their watches by connecting them to the Web.


We’re helping to make products smart for one of the fastest growing and most innovative new lighting companies.

Travel and Hospitality

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading luxury businesses to deliver a smart customer service experience in hotels next year. And we’ve been working with not one but two world-class airlines to connect physical and digital touch points to super-charge service delivery and the customer experience.


A global car manufacturer just tasked us with using our IoT technology to show how a track and trace solution can work by engaging end-users with useful content and services like online tutorials and parts authentication.


We’re never ones to use buzzwords like ‘thought leadership’ 😉 , but if we did we might point out that we did a fair amount of it in 2013. Members of the team could regularly be found presenting at all manner of industry events, and we even hosted a couple of very successful Internet of Things Roundtable events ourselves, along with partners like GigaOm, ARM, Cass Business School and GDR. And we also released this somewhat epic whitepaper on Product Relationship Management (even if I, ahem, do say so myself 😉 )


We also more than doubled the size of the team throughout the course of this year going from 8 to 18, and the majority of our Swiss Engineers relocated from Zurich to London. (They’re a friendly bunch but please don’t offer them inferior English chocolate or things can get ugly fast). We also moved to a new office in Leather Lane – partly because we needed more space, but mainly because of the coffee.

Frost & Sullivan award, EVRYTHNG IoT review

To top everything off we’ve also found ourselves shortlisted for a number of awards throughout the year – and even managed to win a few!

Right, back to work. Plenty to do before the holidays and the smell of stilton, the taste of paracetamol, and some well-earned rest. Team EVRYTHNG will be sure to come back refreshed and ready for an even busier 2014!

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