EVRYTHNG announces native support of Digimarc watermarks

We’re excited to announce new capabilities combining Digimarc watermarks with the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™ 


Digimarc is a pioneer in digital watermarking technologies that can be printed onto physical packaging to enable brand protection, supply chain traceability and consumer engagement applications – so, they’re a natural partner for us.  We’ve worked together since 2017 when we launched our first connected packaging solution, together with Westrock.  


And now we’ve taken that collaboration to the next level, delivering new tools for brands and service providers to respond to the challenging dynamics in the consumer goods industry today, such as soaring levels of counterfeit and increasing demand from end consumers for transparency and authenticity.  


Our development had 3 primary objectives:  

  1. To ensure simplify the consumer experience by avoiding the need for a specialist app
  2. To strengthen brand protection by combining multiple layers of authentication 
  3. And to make the deployment of connected packaging simple, affordable  and scalable. 

So let’s have a closer look at what we’ve accomplished! 


Web-friendly scanning of Digimarc codes  

For the first time brands and their consumers can scan Digimarc watermarks using a mobile device without having to install a custom app. Thanks to EVRYTHNG’s updated web-native scanning library – embedded into a brand’s mobile website – a smartphone browser uses the native camera to scan a watermark. 

Why is this important?  Web-friendly scanning is critical to consumer adoption. Requiring consumers to download a specialized app to scan limits adoption.  As we’ve seen through the COVID-19 pandemic, QR code scanning has finally reached a tipping point in the West (check out this Quartz article) which in large part is a result of a frictionless scanning experience. 


Multi-Factor Brand Protection

We’ve developed a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution which combines serialized QR codes and Digimarc watermarks. Products and packaging effectively get two unique identifiers – scannable with a smartphone camera – which must match in order for the item to be authenticated.  Any mismatch immediately triggers a counterfeit alert in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud. (See our previous blog for more.)  

Why is this important?  Counterfeiters are getting more sophisticated and levels of fraud are booming, especially with the rise in ecommerce. We believe the answer lies in data-driven authentication – where we combine on-pack codes (in this case, covert watermarking technology and serialized QR) and supplement with supply chain tracking data gathered throughout a product’s journey. This creates a multi-layered protection method beyond any current anti-counterfeit deterrents.   


Easy Connected Pack Activation

Following HP’s selection of EVRYTHNG to take over its HP Link product line and customer base, we’ve simplified how printing and packaging service providers, using HP’s industrial digital printers, produce ‘Born Digital’ packaging and other items. 

Service providers and brands can now very simply use the EVRYTHNG platform to natively generate Digimarc watermarks for their customers.  Digimarc-native serial codes can be used to produce unique per-item watermarks – each item connects to the web with a unique Active Digital Identity™ (ADI) managed in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™.

Why is this important?  Out-of-the-box integration with high-speed industrial inkjet printing systems makes for a scalable, cost effective and agile solution for manufacturing digitally-enabled packaging. And once watermarks and QR codes are printed, a raft of new applications become available to brands including supply chain traceability,  recall management and recycling initiatives, such as the Holy Grail 2.0 initiative, launched by AIM the European Brands Association.  

Want to see a demo?  Check out this video to learn more. 


Being tag and code ‘agnostic’ is in our DNA  

Offering a proven and integrated solution for using Watermarks with EVRYTHNG is ground-breaking. At the same time, we want brands to have complete freedom to choose whatever type of printed and electronic tags best fit their product and packaging needs.  



Our ‘Omni-tag’ platform approach allows our customers to use NFC tags, QR or Data Matrix codes, Digimarc Watermarks, Bluetooth tags or any number of new and emerging smart packaging technologies. Our team of experts is on hand to help you identify the best approach to suit your individual needs. 

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