EVRYTHNG COVID-19 Message to Partners (March 2020)

Dear Customers & Partners,

As we are all aware the COVID-19 situation is now rapidly escalating in Europe and North America, and anticipated to escalate in the coming weeks in Latin America and Africa. Thankfully the situation in China is improving rapidly. I hope your families are safe and well.

While EVRYTHNG – like every business around the world – is adapting to cope with the challenges imposed by COVID-19, we feel it’s important to continue to drive business forward, supporting the economy, our customers & partners and our team as effectively as we can. The well being of our team and their families is clearly paramount, and we appreciate the collaboration we have with you, our customers and partners, as we all respond to the rapidly changing environment.

EVRYTHNG’s business operations are continuing as normally as possible. Our team members are all working from home. The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud platform is not dependent on access to our offices and continues to function normally and in line with our enterprise service levels. Support procedures continue as normal. We anticipate no interruption to service availability and program delivery at the current time. EVRYTHNG team members are not travelling and all business is being conducted via video conferencing and utilizing other online resources.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us : Fabienne Le Tadic ( fabienne.letadic@evrythng.com ) leads EVRYTHNG’s European business, Keith Turco ( keith.turco@evrythng.com ) leads EVRYTHNG’s Americas business, Lucy Oulton ( lucy@evrythng.com ) is EVRYTHNG Chief of Staff & Director of Operations, Dominique Guinard ( dom@evrythng.com ) is EVRYTHNG’s Chief Technology Officer, and I of course am available too ( niall@evrythng.com ).

Be safe, and best wishes,

Niall Murphy & the EVRYTHNG Team

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