EVRYTHNG + Digimarc Driving the Next Generation of Digital Product Identification

November, 15 we made the incredible announcement that EVRYTHNG is joining the Digimarc Corporation. My colleague, co-founder and CEO, Niall Murphy, wrote about what this latest development means for us as a business, as employees, as customers and partners in his blog. Now it’s my turn to share not just my thoughts but also highlights from my conversation with Digimarc CTO, Tony Rodriquez, on the opportunities that will arise from bringing our technologies together.


Match made in heaven

Combining so much expertise in tagging and data across the product cloud and digital watermarking technologies means our customers will be able to gain invaluable insight across their products, gaining indispensable value from the identity of each product or object they produce.


Having worked closely together as partners for the last five years we know that combining the forces of Digimarc and EVRYTHNG makes the end to end offering of product identity incredibly robust. We are bringing our expertise and understanding of what can be achieved, all the way from capturing the data throughout the entire supply chain to generating game-changing consumer experiences. All of which is supported with dashboards, insightful analytics providing complete transparency and traceability end-to-end in a product’s lifecycle, which is extremely exciting for our customers.


A turnkey moment
As Tony mentions in our conversation, all that data and information can be passed into an ecosystem, created by the EVRYTHNG Product CloudTM that then enables item level intelligence and analytics. This insight is something that’s going to really make it much easier for our customers to access critical information first hand to make informed decisions about their products and supply chains. This isn’t new in that our individual teams have been working to achieve the same on behalf of our customers, but now they benefit from our combined solution. It’s a turnkey moment for us, our customers and the industry as a whole.


The Swiss Army knife of tagging technology
While customer and partner feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about the acquisition news, one concern is whether we’ll lose the neutrality of our tagging technology. EVRYTHNG enables customers to use whichever tagging technology they prefer, whether that be QR codes, RFID, NFC Bluetooth Low energy tags or watermarking. The concern has been whether all of that is now limited to watermarking technology only. I can assure you that is not the case – by combining we’re enabling customers to select the right tool to address their product identity or supply chain challenge.


What happens now is that we can embrace Digimarc’s expertise in security and compliance which is such a critical requirement, especially for high value goods. By watermarking, QR codes and RFID co-existing we are able to strengthen our offering and interconnect product identifiers which will only strengthen a product’s unique identity and unlock use cases throughout the supply chain – from being born digital, all the way through delivery, consumer interactions and even to end of life cycle and recycling.


Why now and why Digimarc and EVRYTHNG
Some of you may be wondering why we’re joining forces and even asking why don’t we just build our own offerings for watermarking or respectively creating a competitive Product Cloud? The answer is that becoming the best watermarking or Product Cloud experts requires a significant level of investment. Digimarc has spent 25 years becoming world leaders in digital watermarking technologies and gained an unprecedented level of experience and intellectual property in the field. Similarly, in the past 10 years, EVRYTHNG has been designing, building and scaling the leading Product Cloud servicing billions of unique digital identities on the Web. We also helped drive the standards at the root of product digitization & traceability (e.g., Web of Things, GS1 Digital Link, or EPCIS 2.0).


All in all, it’s not just the synergy between both our organizations but the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure that we’ve developed and that can scale to any requirement – why would we slow down that progress to compete when our customers benefit from our technologies coming together. What we have to offer together is the most obvious evolution as businesses develop their digital identity strategies.


Our dream to bring the right technology for the right use case together at the right point in time for the right product or object, is now a reality.


Join us for a passionate conversation between Dominique Guinard, EVRYTHNG CTO and Co-founder and Tony Rodriguez, Digimarc CTO as they share WHY product digitization is non-negotiable in 2022

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