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I’m excited to share the news that today EVRYTHNG is joining with the Digimarc Corporation. Having worked together as partners for nearly five years and with many customers, the natural synergy between both our organizations has become increasingly clear. Combining creates world leading capability and capacity to meet our customer’s needs, radically expands the scope for any sort of Auto-ID solution with strong integration between Digimarc’s identification technologies and the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud®, and powers-up our collective ability to deliver on a shared vision of a smarter, more sustainable and accountable world with trusted information about every physical product item, digitized and connected to the web.


When Dom and I, and our co-founders, embarked upon this journey, it was to see the realization of the enormous benefits of the Web of Things with a digital identity in the cloud for every physical product item. We had asked ourselves why it was not possible to Google any object in this world just as you can Google a human being. A real time graph of the world’s product item traceability data is a massive unlock for so much value for enterprises, people, and our planet.


The EVRYTHNG team can be proud to have been able to define a whole new enterprise data management category with the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud that manifests the intelligent graph for our customers, and to have been able to pioneer the concept of the digital twin on the web for physical items with the Active Digital Identity™. What’s more, we have had the tremendous privilege of being able to deliver and contribute to foundational innovation for the digitization ecosystem, such as the W3C Web of Things standard, the co-creation of GS1 Digital Link to upgrade the global barcode standard and the EPCIS 2.0 standards for data sharing, as well as to work in meaningful industry collaborations with institutions such as the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovator.


The future we envisaged when we founded EVRYTHNG where every product item would become connected to the web, and where every enterprise would run their businesses differently through the intelligence their product items generate with Active Digital Identity and the Product Cloud is now becoming very real. By combining with Digimarc, we are able to power-up our capability and capacity in both talent and technology, and to provide our customers with the strength, scale and global reach they need with solutions spanning the full gamut of Auto-ID technologies and real time cloud-driven analytics driving applications. Digimarc’s pioneering work on Holy Grail 2.0 is but one example of the huge opportunities to create value that is so much better done together. At the heart of any great partnership is shared vision, shared values and shared ambition. The combination of Digimarc and EVRYTHNG has that in every way, and more.


For the EVRYTHNG team: 

Your talent and dedication to our mission has been incredible. Whether you’ve been part of this journey with us for the last 10 years or whether you’ve recently joined, we’ve been consistent in our commitment to audacious goals, being a team, cracking the code in everything we take on, and getting stuff done.


Our journey together is only about to get more exciting as a combined organization and team. More talent, more reach, more scale. Without doubt bringing ourselves together as a new combined team will have its challenges, but I am very confident in the alignment and commitment of values and culture that are so crucial to assuring our success. Onwards and upwards!


For EVRYTHNG customers & partners: 

It has been our tremendous privilege to be able work with our customers and partners, all globally respected brands. We thank you for the trust you have put in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® and the EVRYTHNG team to be your partner in achieving your goals, and for your creativity, commitment and good faith in collaborating to access value from digitizing your products for sustainability, transparency, business integrity, efficiency, and to connect more effectively with your own customers.


Every customer is scaling up their digitization agenda and seeking the most effective solutions to achieve goals at rapidly increasing scale, and involving a wide array of Auto-ID and cloud capabilities. We all see the inevitability of end-to-end digitization across the value chain, and this combination provides you, our customers, with more tools and expertise to help you on your journey.


The combination of Digimarc and EVRYTHNG brings together highly complementary solution capabilities with an enterprise scale and global footprint aligned with your objectives. At the same time, Digimarc and EVRYTHNG together maintain the industry independence that you have so valued as important partners to you in your data strategy. Our shared vision and complementary missions provide assurance that our commitment to delivering on our customer commitments and partnering with you to build the roadmap is even more enabled. Please enjoy my candid Real Talk conversation with Riley McCormack, Digimarc CEO, to learn more about WHY this is the right time for EVRYTHNG and Digimarc to come together as one.


Join us for a candid conversation between Niall Murphy, EVRYTHNG CEO and Co-founder and Riley McCormack, Digimarc CEO as they take us behind the scenes into WHY the time is right for the two companies to come together as one.

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