EVRYTHNG Joins the Blockchain Research Institute

There are very few domains that blockchains and generally distributed ledger technologies (DLT) have left untouched in the past few month. In particular, blockchains have made a lot of noise as potential solutions to a number of trust issues in the IoT and in particular in the supply chain. As a consequence, the Innovation team at EVRYTHNG has been at the forefront of experimenting with IoT and blockchains. For instance we delivered a report and a decision framework for our customers thinking about using blockchains, as well as several PoCs looking at the integration of blockchains with the EVRYTHNG platform. Today, we are proud to announce that EVRYTHNG is joining the Blockchain Research Institute as a Blockchain Pioneer. This is a great opportunity for use to work alongside a number of big key players such as IBM, Microsoft and SAP as well as pioneering blockchain startups.  Our role within the Blockchain Research Institute is to evaluate decentralized technologies focusing on what they can bring to the Internet of Things. Furthermore, we look at piloting blockchain integrations with our customers to seek improvements in various areas such product provenance and authenticity, smart contracts to reduce inefficiencies in supply chains as well as immutable transactions and improved security for connected devices. However, as we previously discussed, blockchains and DLT also bring their share of significant challenges and hence our role is also to scratch the surface of the blockchain hype and report on what works today and what simply does not. We thank the Blockchain Research Institute for inviting EVRYTHNG to join the effort and look forward to reporting on our results.

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