EVRYTHNG Launches New Research Whitepaper at Marketing Technology Seminar for World’s Leading Brands

Brands and products hold the key to opening up the Internet of Things

24 September 2013 – London.

EVRYTHNG, the Web of Things software company that makes products smart by connecting them to the Web, held a roundtable seminar a few days ago in partnership with GigaOM, Cass Business School and GDR Creative Intelligence – including voices from some of the world’s leading brands – to discuss the impact marketing can have on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how to realise its full potential. At the event EVRYTHNG also launched its latest whitepaper entitled ‘Product Relationship Management™: Turning physical products in to owned digital media’. The whitepaper is available to download here.

Senior marketers from companies like Pepsico, Avis Budget Group, American Express, Dulux, GSK, ABinBev and Air New Zealand, with combined annual revenues of $170 bn, discussed how connected, intelligent mass market products could improve customers’ lives and deliver marketing and wider business value back to the brands producing them. Moderated by Jon Collins from GigaOM, conversation ranged from consumer trust of products behaving in new ways, ownership of data, the best ways for consumers to interact with products, and products with one another, cost of implementation and the business case to support doing it.

Much of the roundtable discussion was framed by EVRYTHNG’s Product Relationship Management™ whitepaper: how brands now have the opportunity to re-imagine physical products as a channel for direct digital services and ongoing communications with each individual customer. A roundup of the roundtable can be read on EVRYTHNG’s blog here.

Some think that the IoT is about big pipes, smart cities and a new era of industrial machine-to-machine connectivity – but like many other technologies, perhaps IoT will only start to really take off through consumer-led adoption. Given that 3.3 trillion consumer products are made every year, how will the Internet of Things become real in our everyday lives unless these objects have a key role to play in connecting the physical world to the Web?

Andy Hobsbawm, a Founder and CMO of EVRYTHNG commented: “Over the last decade, it’s not just the role of the marketer that’s changed significantly, but the consumer too. The emerging generation assumes that there is little privacy and there’s no surprise that machines know a lot about them. It’s almost expected and this impacts significantly on interface design and go-to-market strategies for smart products.

To have so many world-class brands and top-level marketers talking about the challenges and opportunities around the Internet of Things and the impact it could have on their audiences, is a testament to how important it’s becoming. This is the second IoT roundtable we’ve hosted and it’s clear that companies and brands see a connected future for their products.”


EVRYTHNG is a Web of Things software company, making products smart by connecting them to the Web. EVRYTHNG helps manufacturers connect directly with customers and partners through their own products, using smartphones and intelligent identities for physical products on the Web.

The technology at the heart of making products smart is the EVRYTHNG Engine, which makes it easy to turn any physical thing into a channel for personalized digital services, one-to-one communications and ongoing relationships, tied to transactions.

By making products smart, EVRYTHNG’s technology helps world-leading brands get closer to their customers and access real-time data analytics about how their products are being made, sold and used.

To find out more about how EVRYTHNG is enabling the Web of Things today by powering the next revolution in customer interaction and product experiences, please visit evrythng.com and follow @ConnectEvrythng.

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