EVRYTHNG Launches to Make Products Smart

Web of Things software company EVRYTHNG offers brands new opportunities to get closer to customers by connecting their products to make them ‘smart’

29 October 2012 – London & Zurich.

EVRYTHNG, the disruptive new technology company that makes physical products smart by digitally connecting them to the Web, is formally launched today.

With EVRYTHNG, physical products can now be supercharged with dynamic, socially-connected apps and content – helping brands get closer to customers and turning products into a channel for personalized digital services and relationships, real-time communications and transactions.

EVRYTHNG is tapping into the most important step change in product technology and customer engagement in recent years: 55% of global Chief Marketing Officers are shifting their budgets to ‘marketing innovation’1; the global adoption of smart mobile devices giving hundreds of millions of people worldwide the ability to interact directly with physical products and other objects; and 5.3 million product barcode scans globally in June 20122, the highest ever in a month and capping a global trend.

EVRYTHNG’s mission is to work with world-leading brands to make their products smart by connecting them to the Web and to deliver innovative new experiences and capabilities digitally. EVRYTHNG is already working with several global manufacturer brand customers, deploying applications around the world.

EVRYTHNG’s powerful set of cloud-based applications provide brands with many advantages:

  • Digital Point of Sale marketing and personalized content accessible directly from products
  • Giving individual product a shareable, interactive web presence that drives reach and sales
  • Transactional services including ecommerce and loyalty rewards linked directly to products
  • Real-time data analytics tracking where and how products are made, sold and used

EVRYTHNG Founder and CEO Niall Murphy said: “EVRYTHNG’s technology makes it possible for brands to digitally augment their products, innovating to improve direct consumer engagement and sales, and driving efficiency with information flowing from how and where products are being used. We’re excited to be bringing this next level of product capability to global brands today.”

EVRYTHNG Founder and CMO Andy Hobsbawm added. “Imagine the interactive possibilities when everyday objects communicate with each other and the people that use them. It’s all about things getting smarter. When you take physical possession of something you buy, you should be able to take digital possession of it too. That opens up all sorts of possibilities. Products can tell you how to get themselves fixed, how to use them better, and connect with others using them. This is the future happening now, it’s completely inevitable and we’re really thrilled to be pioneering it.”


EVRYTHNG is a Web of Things software company, making products smart by connecting them to the Web. EVRYTHNG helps manufacturers connect directly with customers and partners through their own products, using smartphones and intelligent identities for physical products on the Web.

The technology at the heart of making products smart is the EVRYTHNG Engine, which makes it easy to turn any physical thing into a channel for personalized digital services, one-to-one communications and ongoing relationships, tied to transactions.

By making products smart, EVRYTHNG’s technology helps world-leading brands get closer to their customers and access real-time data analytics about how their products are being made, sold and used.

To find out more about how EVRYTHNG is enabling the Web of Things today by powering the next revolution in customer interaction and product experiences, please visit evrythng.com and follow @ConnectEvrythng.

With an exceptionally strong founding team – including CEO Niall Murphy (The Cloud), and CMO Andy Hobsbawm (Agency.com) – EVRYTHNG was founded in 2011 and is backed by Skype Founder Niklas Zennström’s Atomico Ventures and private investors.

For further information please contact:

Cordelia Meacher
FieldHouse Associates
+44 (0) 7961 311080
@cordeliameacherNeil Robertson
FieldHouse Associates
+44 (0) 7739 322503
@neil_robertsonNicole Hudspith
FieldHouse Associates
+44 (0) 7789 184245
  1. 1 Forrester Research, ‘September 2011 Global Marketing Leadership Online Survey’
  2. 2 Scanlife, ‘Mobile Barcode Trend Report’, Q2 2012

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