EVRYTHNG at Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015, evrythng, IoT smart products platform

As we announced yesterday, the EVRYTHNG team is looking forward to Mobile World Congress next week. We’re spending time on stage, at booths and in face-to-face meetings, helping consumer product manufacturers understand how IoT drives business transformation by fundamentally changing the relationship between consumers, products and brands.

We’ll be explaining how brands can use an IoT Smart Products Platform like EVRYTHNG to connect their products to the web and manage the associated real-time data to transform how they are made, sold and used. Physical products that come with a digital layer of personalized interactive services use data to improve the consumer experience and supply chain operations over time. They are stickier, differentiated and create new revenue opportunities from subscription or usage-based services.

There are several opportunities to see our IoT platform in action:

Diageo-Thinfilm-OpenSense-printed-electronics, IoT smart products platform,evrythng,mwc 2015

* I’ll be speaking on a panel and giving a live product demo in the Business of IoT session on Thursday 5th, from 2.30pm – 4pm CET. (If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the session with the hashtag “#MWC15IOT3”).

*We’ve collaborated with our partners Thinfilm and client Diageo on a prototype of a smart bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue, using Thinfilm’s revolutionary OpenSense™ printed sensor tags in combination with EVRYTHNG’s IoT cloud for real-time data management driving applications and analytics. So please drop by the Thinfilm booth throughout the event to see the smart bottle demo.

*Davor Sutja, CEO of Thinfilm, will give a keynote on Thursday 5th at 9.30am CET, which will highlight the Johnnie Walker Blue prototype.

I’ll be attending with Curt Schacker, Vice President and Managing Director, Connected Systems; and Nick McNamara from our EMEA Enterprise New Business Development group. So if you’re attending MWC and would like to discuss how our IoT cloud platform can help make your products smart, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting.

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