EVRYTHNG… Pioneering the Way for Consumer Product Brands

I’m incredibly proud to reveal that EVRYTHNG has been named by the World Economic Forum as a 2018 Tech Pioneer.

Innovation takes many forms. Sometimes relevant to the masses. Sometimes a select few. This year’s class of World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers is proof and I’ve got to say it is humbling to stand among this prestigious group of innovators.

How did we get here?

EVRYTHNG is disrupting the way consumer product brands interact with their customers by bringing billions of products — thngs — to life with a digital identity on the web. Every product — we’re talking purses, soda, hats, shampoo — can now tell its intimate story creating a real-time knowledge network of product data.

Why now?

The massive takeover of online sales and the domination of a few players like Amazon has reduced some of the world’s most beloved brands to mere manufacturers: Online retailers get powerful data about who has purchased products while leaving brands in the dark. Plus, global brands are facing bigger, more critical macro business issues than ever before.

  • $461bn or 2.5% of global trade lost each year due to counterfeiting
  • Growing costs and environmental impact of waste, arising from lack of visibility into closed loop supply chains
  • Consumer loyalty is dwindling — shifting focus to sustainable, ethical and transparent brands – the rise of the B corp

EVRYTHNG is pioneering the way for consumer product brands to embrace this transformative time and reclaim market leadership. Beyond the tools to digitize and connect every product to the digital ecosystem, we provide the real-time data to drive consumer trust and provide brands with visibility, control and pre-emptive intelligence throughout the product life-cycle. EVRYTHNG also allows brands to fight two of their biggest supply chain problems: counterfeit products and gray market imports.


At a very broad level EVRYTHNG exists because the world needs greater efficiency in how we make, sell, use and dispose of physical products – huge amounts of inefficiency, waste and losses simply as a result of information about state and location of physical products not being readily available. EVRYTHING helps brands reclaim product intelligence, using the existing GS1 product coding already in use on trillions of items, so that any company can understand its consumers, no matter what smart packaging or product ‘trigger’ they use — QR code, NFC tag or RFID chip  — creating unique and direct links between the consumers and the brands they buy.

What’s next?

What’s next is really a whole separate blog. But I do want to say one thing to any consumer product brands who may be reading this, now is the time to act. Don’t wait until your competitor or even a new entrant to the market rides this wave past you. The possibilities are limitless. Change can be difficult. But this is really an exciting time and we are here to help guide you as we continue to lead — pioneer — the way.

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