EVRYTHNG’s IoT Wishlist: A Smart Mattress

Vlad, EVRYTHNG’s Co-founder and EVP of R&D, has added a smart mattress to EVRYTHNG’s IoT wishlist. He says:Mattress,smart mattress

“I’d like a smart mattress that monitors me and my environment so I get the best possible quality sleep.

The mattress would monitor my sleep patterns and body temperature, and automatically talk to all the connected devices in my apartment to regulate air flow, heating, music and lights to ensure I had an A++ sleep for the time remaining.

It’d know how long I had left to sleep because it’d ask my phone, which I use as an alarm, and would adapt my sleep conditions accordingly.”

What would you add to our IoT wishlist? Tweet @EVRYTHNG and tell us!

Mattress designed by Rémy Médard from the Noun Project

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