EVRYTHNG’S IoT Wishlist: Kicking Off and A Smart Chair

It’s been a pretty good – and busy – year in the Internet of Things space – but we’re still a way off from achieving EVRYTHNG’s vision of a world where every thing is connected.

This month, we’ll be sharing our team’s IoT wishlist with you. From protocol and ecosystem advances, to connected devices and beyond, these are the things we’d like Santa to bring us.

A smart office chair that corrects posture

Smart office chair, smart chair,iot wishlistKicking our IoT wishlist off is a request from Anna, our Chief Product Officer, who says:

“Given how long we spend sitting on chairs at work, it’s time these are made smart, and able to sense and analyse our posture, and let us know when it needs to be corrected.”

(I’m sure Anna wouldn’t complain if the chair could also sense when a shoulder massage was in order, either!)

What would you add to our IoT wishlist? Tweet us @EVRYTHNG and tell us!

Chair designed by Dmitriy Lagunov from the Noun Project

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