EVRYTHNG’s IoT Wishlist: A Connected Guitar

Connected guitarFounder and CMO Andy has requested the next item on our IoT wishlist: a connected guitar. He says:

“I’d love a connected guitar.

It would stream the notes I play into the cloud, and let me do data visualization, as well as connect data with other apps.

For example, I could play the riff to Sweet Jane and this would trigger Pro-Tools to start recording, kick in some CBGB-style connected mood lighting, turn the phone and doorbell ringers off while I’m recording, and update my Facebook profile to a picture of the cover of Transformer.

My connected guitar would also give me tutorials, and intelligent tips and recommendations based on what I’ve been playing.”

What would you add to our IoT wishlist? Tweet @EVRYTHNG and tell us!

Guitar designed by Liliane Lass Erbe from the Noun Project

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