EVRYTHNG’s IoT Wishlist: Full NFC capabilities for the Apple crowd

The next item on our IoT wishlist is one of my own: full NFC capabilities for Apple devices.

NFC-enabled phone,apple nfcLike many of the pundits, I was simultaneously pleased and disappointed that the iPhone 6 had NFC capabilities.

Pleased that the new phones included NFC, but disappointed that the capabilities were restricted to one Apple application.

As a dyed-in-the-wool Android user, I’ve already had full NFC capabilities on my phone for some time, so I’m not about to jump ship for Apple. However, I think it might help to stop Apple losing mobile market share – and would certainly help to drive consumer adoption of NFC.

(If recent reports are anything to go by, my wish may be granted – and sooner rather than later. Thanks Santa!)

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NFC Phone designed by Andrew Forrester from the Noun Project