EVRYTHNG’s new THNGHUB turns any connected product into an Internet of Things hub

New THNGHUB Local Cloud Gateway software delivers a new model for gateways by making it possible for any connected product to become a hub for smart home or enterprise devices

This news was first announced in Fortune.

London and New York, 10 March 2016: EVRYTHNG, the IoT Smart Products Platform, today launched THNGHUB, a local software ‘cloudlet’ that turns any connected Linux device into a universal smart product IoT hub. THNGHUB solves the problem of how to unify different devices and sensors connected to different ecosystems and communications protocols in smart home or enterprise environments, with seamless communication and control for products locally and remotely.

Traditionally gateways are hardware appliances dedicated to a specific protocol or application. THNGHUB changes the model with software that brings the power of EVRYTHNG’s IoT Smart Products Platform into the local environment and can run on Linux based devices, from set-top-boxes and access points, to hub devices and products themselves that can become hubs for other products and applications.

THNGHUB Local Cloud Gateway was developed for product manufacturers who want to want to connect their low-powered, low-cost devices to the Web, and for smart home and enterprise application service providers like utilities, telcos or insurers who want to deliver applications and services across a range of different connected devices and sensors.

THNGHUB hides the complexity of competing standards, protocols and ecosystems and uses simple, open Web APIs to simplify product control and monitoring, as well as Web and mobile app development. Supporting smart products using any wireless protocol, THNGHUB also enables products to be compatible with multiple IoT ecosystems. Many product manufacturers want to be able to coexist with Apple HomeKit and Google Weave.

THNGHUB works as a local cloud in lockstep with EVRYTHNG’s main IoT Smart Products Platform and provides local web APIs, data storage and a rules engine which means devices can be controlled and logic can be executed locally, even when there is no internet access or connectivity to the cloud.

Dominique Guinard, CTO and Co-Founder at EVRYTHNG commented: “One of the biggest challenges facing mass-adoption of IoT is fragmentation. Manufacturers face a difficult balancing act to make sure their products can operate across different walled gardens. We developed THNGHUB to remove this pain-point and use Web technologies to help unify different ecosystems.”

Guinard continued: “THNGHUB is a multi-product, multi-protocol, local cloud gateway that allows smart products to connect via any wireless method like BlueTooth or ZigBee and because of this, it can help manufacturers reach a much wider consumer base and deliver a better, simpler connected customer experience.”

Manufacturers can implement THNGHUB software as part of new devices they ship, or install the software onto existing devices through a straightforward upgrade. For more information visit: https://evrythng.com/thnghub.

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