EVRYTHNG’s Next Phase of Growth

We’re super thrilled to announce our $7m series A investment round, with technology investment firm Atomico, New York-based private equity investors BHLP LLC, London-based venture capital firm Dawn Capital, and with a corporate investment by Cisco. The round is a great affirmation of our team’s work over the past 24 months, the vision of Every Thing Connected we’re pursuing, our Web of Things technology Engine and the commercial approach we’re taking to realizing this vision.

See the official EVRYTHNG release here and Cisco’s announcement here.

The Internet of Things will affect every aspect of business operations and customer experience, so it’s incredibly exciting to be right at the heart of this massive technology disruption and to have support for EVRYTHNG’s technology and vision from these great partners.

We’ll be using the funds to invest in our software-as-a-service technology platform and better products, solutions and services to help our global brand customers make their products smart. And we’ll be expanding and accelerating our go-to-market activities in North America from our New York base, and in Europe from our London base.

There is an inevitability to billions of products and other objects connecting to the internet. The challenge is how the information from and about all these things can become truly accessible and exploitable to applications, made manageable as an extremely valuable and sensitive resource (for individuals and companies alike), and how objects can connect with people, processes and other systems.

We believe in a physical Web of objects, devices, platforms and applications that work together using open Web standards. So far the Web has created huge value with dynamic and lateral connections between disparate information. In our technology vision we want to see this Web capability realized for physical things – a Web of Things. The Web already is the global platform for connecting information, people and applications; we want to help make it the platform for connecting things too.

It’s a privilege to be working with some of the smartest people, brands, product manufacturers and technology companies in the world, and we’re looking forward to doing more to create powerful new opportunities for companies to track and operate products in real-time and engage customers directly through products.

Well done to the EVRYTHNG team, and thank you to the team and all the supporters and partners who are helping us on our mission. Onwards.

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