Fish Farm to Fork: The New Normal Of Transparency & Trust in Food

World’s First Mass-Scale GS1 Digital Link Roll-Out

This week, Mowi — the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon — and EVRYTHNG announced the first end-to-end food traceability platform to deliver full visibility into provenance of salmon bought and consumed by customers worldwide. Consumers around the world can point their phones at a packet of salmon, authenticating the item and accessing information about the provenance of that specific portion of fish, including where it came from and how it was farmed. What’s even cooler is that the experience, powered by EVRYTHNG, is also the industry’s first mass-scale application of the new GS1 Digital Link standard that has upgraded the traditional barcode to connect every product to the web.

The Transparency Mega Trend

Consumers are demanding transparency in the products we buy, particularly anything we put in our bodies. A recent study from the Food Manufacturers Institute (FMI), in partnership with Label Insight, showed a dramatic increase in the value consumers place in brand transparency, with more than 93% of consumers saying it’s important for brands and manufacturers to provide provenance data for food. And that’s not the most interesting part — what’s pivotal for brands is that 74% of consumers say they’d switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product information, beyond what is on the physical label.

Clearly, brands able to adapt quickly to meet this rapidly growing market demand for full transparency and provenance will come out on top. The challenge is how to do it simply, quickly and cost effectively.

GS1 Digital Link in Action, at Scale

Last August, EVRYTHNG announced that our platform is the first to support the new GS1 Digital Link standard. GS1 Digital Link upgrades the ubiquitous barcode used by two million manufacturers on more than four trillion product items per annum, so that every product item can now be smartphone-interactive, transact with point-of-sale systems and connect to the web — all with one code on the product.

Mowi is the first global brand to roll this out across its product portfolio. Each Mowi product item carrying a GS1 Digital Link-enabled QR code connects to a unique Active Digital Identity (ADI) on the web. The ADIs are managed by EVRYTHNG and deliver digital access to item-specific product information directly to consumers. Consumers simply point their smartphones at the QR code on the Mowi package. Simple, massively scalable, transformational.

Every Mowi Product Item Connected

Mowi turned to EVRYTHNG for a simple, cost-effective, future-proof solution to improve transparency and differentiate its brand. Beyond delivering unprecedented transparency to consumers to protect brand trust, Mowi has achieved supply chain traceability and can now capture valuable insights from widespread consumer engagement to inform precision marketing programs and drive direct-to-consumer experiences. Every item is now an interface to its customers.

With EVRYTHNG, Mowi has been able to collect data from all of its different production and supply chain systems where the salmon are raised. This data is then harmonized and structured so that every salmon produced has a single, searchable source of truth in the cloud, including detailed information like:

  • Where and when the salmon/roe was hatched
  • The freshwater facility the salmon was in and how long it was there
  • The sea site the salmon was raised in
  • How the salmon was processed when harvested

By integrating Mowi’s supply chain systems and printing processes with the EVRYTHNG platform, every individual pack of salmon is now scannable by consumers. Consumers simply scan the QR code on the packaging with their smartphone cameras — no app required — to enter the world of their specific farm-raised salmon — tracing the full life cycle of the salmon.

Consumers will find Mowi products with the new GS1 Digital Link codes on shelves initially in Poland this spring, with the global roll-out planned to proceed throughout 2019.

Food traceability

New Normal

In a world where trust is the defining commodity, the level of transparency Mowi has achieved will fast become the new normal for every consumer product. Check out the full case study of Mowi’s new end-to-end traceability platform in action to see how the future is happening no

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