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A single product code on packaging can now power supply chain, point of sale and consumer applications.

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One code. One digital identity. Limitless applications.

The GS1 Digital Link + EVRYTHNG Active Digital IdentityTM means billions of products can now easily connect to the web.

Your products.

Your products.

The new GS1 Digital Link with an EVRYTHNG digital identity gives every single physical product its own identity and URL to automatically connect to the Web, triggered from a single QR code or NFC tag.

Connect directly with your customers to deliver rewards, content and more. Track and authenticate products through the supply chain.

Activate every product

Activate every product

You can add software intelligence and analytics to every thing you manufacture. Just link the existing GS1 codes found on trillions of products to a unique digital identity in the EVRYTHNG cloud.

Want to see yourself? Build pesonalized, contextual experiences for consumers scanning your products using our QuickStart Tool.

EVRYTHNG is digitizing products for the world’s leading manufacturers using the GS1 Digital Link with Active Digital IdentitiesTM

Intelligent Products

Mass-scale activation of products bringing innovation and competitive differentiation.

  • End-to-End Traceability

    Real-time monitoring and tracking items, cases and pallets.

  • Brand Protection

    Unprecedented visiblity to enforce supply chain integrity.

  • Direct-to-Consumer

    Transform products into an owned-media engagement channel.

Analytics and Insights

Eliminating blind spots, with a complete view of products and consumers. Wherever, whenever.

  • Optimize logistics

    Measure end-to-end 3PL partner performance.

  • Loss reduction

    Identity counterfeit goods, spoilage and damage in transit.

  • First-party data

    Consumer purchasing and usage data to drive future innovation and precision marketing.

Market Leading Platform

EVRYTHNG’s B2B IoT platform provides digital identity and data management, enabling consumer products to connect to the Internet, interact with applications and generate, store and share data.

Active Digital Identity™

GS1-compatible data model to create dynamic digital profiles.

Blockchain Integrated

Replicate product data and events on blockchains for transparency.

Machine Learning & Analytics

Advanced algorithms to unlock actionable insights.

Customizable Rules Engine

Real-time automated business processes and decisioning.

Data Warehouse & Data Lake

Collect, manage and store data through product lifecycle.

Enterprise Integration Connectors

Standardized integrations to ERP, CRM or CMS platforms.

Integrated into the global packaging and printing ecosystem

Integrated into the global packaging and printing ecosystem

Every product you manufacture can be BornDigital™. EVRYTHNG work with leading packaging companies to embed digital identities into your products at source.

Built to manage billions of digital identities, working with the world’s biggest brands

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