Turn bulbs into IoT endpoints with control, communications and sensing services



No industry is being disrupted more than lighting by the Internet of Things. McKinsey projects the worldwide market to grow to approximately $159 billion by 2020.

An estimated 12 billion ‘end-points’ in homes, enterprises, industrial facilities and retail locations, make lighting the most ubiquitous network of connected devices on the planet and the perfect platform for IoT.

How will you:

  • Shift your business from a hardware-centric model as the world moves to delivering Lighting-as-a-Service?
  • Handle the scale involved in making billions of bulbs smart?
  • Create new lighting revenue streams from real-time data, like retail footfall analytics and security services via motion detection?

Lighting-as-a-Service is enhanced with sensors and embedded microchips, detecting and interacting with its environment in real-time. Smarter lighting saves up to 80% of energy consumption and communicates with other connected devices and systems, like RFID tags and supply chain applications for inventory tracking.

EVRYTHNG provides a ready-built solution for lighting providers to connect bulbs to the IoT and transform their business model to software services. In partnership with LED technology pioneer Gooee, we’ve created the world’s first ‘full-stack’ lighting operating platform, illuminating a smarter path to the IoT for lighting manufacturers to follow.



EVRYTHNG’s enterprise-grade IoT Smart Products Platform also comes with our Local Cloud Gateway software. This allows service providers to deliver a simpler, better and more personalized smart home experience for consumers, by connecting all of their devices through one branded app and hardware router or set-top box.


Industry Partnerships


EVRYTHNG and GOOEE have created an enterprise scale IoT lighting  ecosystem. Its sensing, control and communication components integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform, which offers a service-driven, scalable framework for lighting manufacturers to connect to the IoT.

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Discover how EVRYTHNG's IoT Smart Products Platform enabled GOOEE to create the world's first full-stack lighting IoT operating platform.