A new role and business opportunity in consumer IoT for service providers



The IoT and home automation has emerged as a transformational business opportunity for network and communications service providers. According to Gartner research, a typical family home in wealthy markets will include several hundred smart, web-connected objects by 2022.

Telcos can leverage existing billing relationships and hardware in the home (routers, set top boxes, etc.) to bundle personalized smart home solutions with telephone, TV, broadband and mobile services.

On the other hand, they face software challenges in providing a simple, integrated and real-time smart home solution. Plus the renewed threat of online platform players who want to relegate operators to ‘dumb pipes’ while they own the smart devices and interfaces providing all the interactive content and services consumers need.

How can you:

  • Avoid being boxed into low-value connectivity by technology giants dominating smart home as well as smartphone and online markets?
  • Offer an integrated, secure solution to connect different manufacturer devices, protocols and ecosystems?
  • Enable new revenue streams from personalized home services and access unprecedented, real-time consumer insights?

EVRYTHNG’s fully-managed PaaS lets telcos offer a single branded app and local cloud gateway for multiple smart products, and simplify configuration and management for users.

Our platform integrates with smart ecosystems likes HomeKit, Nest and SmartThings, providing the security and scalability needed to support millions of simultaneously connected devices and consumers.



EVRYTHNG’s enterprise-grade IoT Smart Products Platform also comes with our Local Cloud Gateway software. This allows service providers to deliver a simpler, better and more personalized smart home experience for consumers, by connecting all of their devices through one branded app and hardware router or set-top box.


Industry Partnerships


EVRYTHNG integrates with Sigfox to offer a complete IoT platform on top of low-power connectivity (LPWAN) for domains such as supply chain traceability and connected products.


Cisco are both an investor in EVRYTHNG, and a partner for key industries like Consumer Packaged Goods, Health and Wellness, Insurance and Telecommunications.


EVRYTHNG work with Marvell to provide an SDK and prototyping kit for electronics and appliance manufacturers to connect their products quickly to the EVRYTHNG platform.


EVRYTHNG partner with Broadcom, enabling electronics and appliance manufacturers to embed Broadcom chips for quick integration into the EVRYTHNG platform.

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