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UPDATE: View some of the media coverage on our partnership with Gooee in GigaOm, IoT Journal, MarketWired & ReTHINK IoT.

We were delighted to announce this week our partnership with disruptive LED lighting IoT / M2M venture GOOEE who selected EVRYTHNG’s IoT Smart Products Platform as the scalable, intelligent cloud software to power their state of the art, patented LED sensing, control and energy management technology.

Scalability was a particularly important criteria for Gooee given the sheer number of lighting endpoints in the market and resulting data volumes. As technology analysts ABi Research just noted in their ‘Hot Tech Innovators‘ report: “An additional advantage that EVRYTHNG has is the scalability: since the platform has been architected to support pronouncedly high-volume product environments, it is relatively well future-proofed for any use cases where the future growth in connections and data are difficult to predict.”

We asked Gooee CTO Simon Coombes a couple of questions about the company, and here’s what he had to say:

What is Gooee’s vision for the future of LED lighting?

“Gooee’s operating platform is the world’s first full-stack interoperable ecosystem of physical and software components that can enable an LED Lighting company to add intelligence to their product range, connect them to the IoT and ultimately transform their business model from being a traditional product company towards more an application and service based business.

We envisage this move from the traditional business model will offer new revenue opportunities across the LED Lighting value chain.

Lighting is the most pervasive and ubiquitous endpoint within a building, so it offers the capability of being leveraged for other uses in gathering data and interacting with its environment, both physical and ambient. The data gathered and stored in the cloud platform has multiple uses across a range of applications and industry sectors, with the initial focus on residential, commercial and retail.”

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Why did it make sense to partner with EVRYTHNG?

Our technology stack was designed to ensure the best technologies are implemented at each layer of the ecosystem, rather than focus on hardware and view software as a complimentary component later on. Our team has a strong background in software and data and so we knew from the outset that the cloud platform had to be scalable and capable of rapidly adapting to high volume transaction data, as well as connect easily into the wider ecosystem of smart, connected devices, IoT data streams and clouds.

EVRYTHNG’s real-time IoT data and identity management platform not only provides this but there’s a shared vision of what we are trying to achieve. We are confident that combining our sensing, control and energy management technology with EVRYTHNG’s scalability, ecosystem connectivity, open web standards and IoT industry expertise will create the best and most robust operating platform for the lighting world.”

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What are some lessons learned from decades of industry experience about the lighting opportunities and challenges created by IoT technologies?

We have an experienced team covering both Lighting and Software, so we’re coming into this fully aware of the scale of what is required at all levels.

In the Lighting field we’ve always worked close to the market to understand how products are used and how they need to be commissioned and controlled. The experience users have with our products from installation through to actuation and usage is critical for us and we are working hard to ensure that from Gooee’s perspective, we make the experience LED lighting companies and their subsequent users have as hassle free as possible.

This is where having a solid software framework will be a core strength for Gooee; software will be one of the primary interfaces into this experience and having a strong partner like EVRYTHNG is critical.”


Why is lighting such an important part of the Internet of Things?

“Lighting is the most pervasive, ubiquitous product in every area of a building. It has the potential to be the largest number of smart endpoints when compared to any other product that can be smart-enabled.

By building smart LED Lighting components, with integrated sensors, that can be used across a range of applications we’re ultimately creating a platform upon which additional value added services can be offered.

In addition to this, by connecting lighting to the IoT we can open up additional energy saving opportunities above what can already be offered by moving from traditional lights source technology to solid state lighting.”

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Interested in learning more about Gooee’s smart LEDs? View their smart LED lighting tech demo.

LED lighting image from Midorisyu, under a Creative Commons licence.

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