Introducing The Rochambeau Bright Bmbr Smart Jacket

We were super excited to announce our collaboration with fashion brand Rochambeau to produce limited edition smart digital jackets that come with one-of-a-kind personalized experiences at Decoded Fashion New York.


Since then it’s just launched for sale on The Wired Store and at The New Stand stores in NYC and online.





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This short video tells the back-story of Rochambeau’s fashion brand, and the creative and technical collaboration between Rochambeau, EVRYTHNG, Avery Dennison and retailers The New Stand.



Earlier this year we launched a major global partnership with Fortune 500 packaging and materials giant Avery Dennison, using our IoT data management platform in the cloud in combination with Avery Dennison’s serialized smart tags and labels, to ‘switch on’ the apparel and footwear industry.

We introduced the concept of clothing that is #BornDigital. These are products manufactured with a digital software capability in the cloud that makes them more intelligent, more interactive, more characterful, and more valuable to companies and their customers.

So we were excited to announce a great example of the potential of #BornDigital to transform products and retail with the BRIGHT BMBR ( smart jacket.


Each limited edition Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR is made with an invisible layer of unique digital content and cultural experiences stitched into the fabric of the physical product. The left sleeve has a hidden zipper pocket that contains a pull out label containing an NFC chip and individually numbered QR code. Using a smartphone to connect with these smart tags instantly unlocks the exclusive experiences and gifts that come with the jacket.


Designers Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper founded Rochambeau as an outlet for their creative expression and artistic collaboration. The BRIGHT BMBR smart jacket brings this to life by letting owners access a set of exclusive, curated experiences in dining, art, clubbing, retail and fashion that brings together the best of New York City’s vibrant creativity and culture.

The list of experiences that wearers of the BRIGHT BMBR can unlock includes:



Each BRIGHT BMBR also lets the wearer collect gifts by scanning the jacket within 500 yards of any of three outlets in New York run by the brand reinventing urban retail: The New Stand. As highly innovative and experiential stores that blend physical and digital products, brands, content, and commerce, it’s the perfect choice as exclusive retail partner for the BRIGHT BMBR.


Because each jacket is a one-off, there’s also a signed, individually numbered piece of physical artwork inspired by the garment design from artist Cody Gunningham waiting for you to digitally claim. And you can also watch a video clip of your individual piece being designed and made.

To round it all off, as the Fall/Winter season draws to a close, the BRIGHT BMBR smart jackets deliver a digital pass to Rochambeau’s 2017 New York Fashion Week runway show, where the wearer can experience the brand’s   new Spring/Summer collection live.



Modern brands need intelligent data platforms to personalize the experience of buying and owning their smart products. As Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank put it: “Our belief is data is the new oil. You think it’s a coincidence Google or Amazon is who you’d bet on? 40% of their revenue is attributed to purchase history… The companies who will win are those using math.”

The serialized tags in each #BornDigital garment connect to EVRYTHNG’s intelligent, software brain in the cloud. This lets brands turn their products into an owned digital media platform for direct consumer relationships and valuable new insights, as well as smarter product operations.

For consumers, the Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR means effortlessly elegant digital experiences and personalized content that come with every physical product.

In short: when you wear a Rochambeau smart jacket, the real world just got better.

See more info about the project here:

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