HP Link is now powered by EVRYTHNG

In April 2020, HP Inc signed an agreement with EVRYTHNG Limited to transfer the Link platform to EVRYTHNG.  We are committed to delivering the same features and service level that you enjoy today.  And we’re pleased to introduce you to the exciting possibilities of the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™. 

Existing HP Link Customer?

If you are a licensed user of the Link platform, the existing services you use will continue to be available.  You can access them directly from Link Creation Studio

What is the Evrythng Product Cloud™?

The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™ is an enterprise-grade PaaS for digital identity and data management at scale. An open extensible platform, integrated into key industry ecosystems, with best-in-class security.

Supply Chain Traceability

EVRYTHNG helps brands unlock end-to-end item level visibility for more sustainable, more transparent and more secure supply chains.

Brand Protection

Combining cryptosecure digital product identities with real-time intelligence and data analytics to combat counterfeit and gray market.

Consumer Engagement

EVRYTHNG transforms product packaging into a new digital touchpoint for 1:1 engagement with always-on consumers

Still do not know where to start?

Speak with one of our experts. We will discuss your options with you and help you take the right first step.
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