A New White Paper: Wearables & the Web of Things

Wearables white paper,wearables,evrythng,web of thingsWearables are a really hot topic right now: a tangible, very cool consumer-facing example of the IoT in action.

But while wearables are often seen as a new product category, they’ve actually been around for a while already – for example, pacemakers and hearing aids.

Thanks to technological advances, the category has grown at an impressive rate in recent years, with more new devices than you can shake a stick at – and it seems set to explode going into 2015.

At EVRYTHNG, we believe that the key to success in wearables is the ability to connect these devices with other connected things. This ensures lateral data flow across the broader arena of applications and devices people use to operate their digital lives.

What does this open, Web of Things approach mean in a practical sense? A greater ability to share data across wearables devices and other connected products – for example, think fitness bands that don’t exist in isolation, but talk to other apps and devices that address your health and nutrition needs.

Interested in learning more about our take on the future of wearables? We’ve outlined our thoughts – including the importance of a Web of Things approach – in a white paper: Wearables and the Web of Things.

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