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Please join us for Real Talk hosted by EVRYTHNG where we bring the industry's most influential minds together to discuss important issues that are shaping the consumer goods industry

Industry:  Apparel

Guest:  Christophe Bezu, Industry Influencer
Experience:  Adidas, Esprit, and ODLO Intl.

Episode 1: Preparing Apparel for a Post-COVID-19 World

Join us as we dive into the apparel space to look at what brands need to be doing to prepare for a Post-COVID-19 world. 


Christophe Bezu, global apparel industry influencer credited with impressive growth online and in-store at Adidas, Esprit, and ODLO International, joins Fabienne Le Tadic, General Manager EMEA, EVRYTHNG, for a candid conversation about what apparel brands need to be doing today to prepare for the realities of a post-Covid-19 world.


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