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Please join us for Real Talk hosted by EVRYTHNG where we bring the industry's most influential minds together to discuss important issues that are shaping the consumer goods industry

Industry:  Consumer Goods

Guest: Michel Ottiker, GS1 Switzerland
Experience:  Industry Standards Expert 

Episode 5: The Digital Switch-on of the Consumer Goods Industry

Please join us as we discuss how global brands are embracing digitization to gain greater visibility into the flow of goods across the supply chain, while delivering on consumer demands for transparency, authenticity and personalized experiences. 

This shift in the way brands and consumers interact is only possible because of standards like the GS1 Digital Link.

Michel Ottiker, Senior Standards Expert at GS1 Switzerland and Co-chair of the GS1 Digital Link working group, joins Dom Guinard, CTO and Cofounder, EVRYTHNG to explore this topic and its ramifications for global brands in 2021 and beyond.

The GS1 Digital Link global standard upgrades the ubiquitous barcode used by two million manufacturers across the $13.5-trillion consumer products industry so that every product can now be web-connected and smartphone-interactive. 


And with that let’s Real Talk!

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