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Please join us for Real Talk hosted by EVRYTHNG where we bring the industry's most influential minds together to discuss important issues that are shaping the consumer goods industry

Industry:  Apparel

Guest: Vanessa Barboni Hallik

Experience:  CEO and Founder, Another Tomorrow 

Episode 6: Achieving Sustainable Circularity

What Consumer Brands Need to Know to Scale Circularity as a Business Model


Please join us as Vanessa Barboni Hallik, CEO and Founder of sustainable fashion brand Another Tomorrow joins EVRYTHNG CEO and Co-founder, Niall Murphy to candidly discuss both the challenges and solutions to achieving a truly sustainable circular economy.


Another Tomorrow places technology-enabled transparency at the core of its business model. An advocate for human and animal welfare and protecting the environment, we’ll learn why Barboni Hallik believes other brands need to follow suit in the quest for circularity.


And with that, let’s Real Talk!

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