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Please join us for Real Talk hosted by EVRYTHNG where we bring the industry's most influential minds together to discuss important issues that are shaping the consumer goods industry

Industry: Global Supply Chain and Transportation

Guest: Margi Van Gogh

Experience: World Economic Forum

Episode 8: Accelerating Transparency in the Consumer Goods Industry

Visibility into the Global Supply Chain Rises to the Top of the World Economic Forum Agenda


Today Margi Van Gogh, head of supply chain and transportation industries at the World Economic Forum, sits down with EVRYTHNG CEO, Niall Murphy to dive deep into WHY end-to-end supply chain visibility has reached the point of escalation for consumer goods brands on a global scale. As we reboot the global supply chain network post-pandemic, stakeholders across the supply system are recognizing that we are all part of the same ecosystem and the time is now to rethink the way we do things. Margi takes us behind the scenes to explore the latest thinking and innovation coming out of WEF in an effort to solve this critical global challenge. And with that, let’s Real Talk!

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