Verification Alliance for Sustainable Apparel and Conscious Consumers

LONDON, October 12th, 2021
  EVRYTHNG, the Product Cloud managing digital identities for the world’s consumer products, today announced it has partnered with Compare Ethics, the verification platform  for sustainable apparel and conscious consumers. The new alliance will help brands to validate their sustainability claims across their entire supply chain while delivering a personalised and informative experience for their consumers.


“Consumers are becoming increasingly conscientious about who they buy their apparel from. They want to know what the products are made from, how, by whom and how they’re transported,” said Simon Jones, SVP, EVRYTHNG. “The team at Compare Ethics are incredibly passionate about supporting sustainable and ethical brands while calling out false claims. This partnership helps to increase that reach by taking real-time data to both the brands and the consumers, providing actionable insight that can make a real impact on sustainable behaviours.”


“We believe there should be no barriers to the truth about the products brands create, sell, shop for and use every day. For too long, brands have hidden behind unsubstantiated claims and ambiguous green messaging that misleads customers. By uniting with EVRYTHNG we’re able to ensure we can provide end to end visibility, reaching every aspect of the manufacturing process as well as delivering a personalised experience for consumers,” added Abbie Morris, founder, Compare Ethics. “Re-commerce has never been more important. In the fight against greenwashing, it’s vital that we collate the true data and connect it through the lifecycle and with all parties involved.”


The Compare Ethics platform increases trust and customer loyalty by verifying products across 10 core categories. The process helps brands to meet UK and EU compliance and greenwashing regulations while dramatically reducing resource time spent meeting these requirements. By verifying brands sustainability claims, engagement has been found to increase sales by up to 89%.


How it works

Authenticity and sustainability are absolutely key in the minds of today’s consumer. Digital identities are critical to collecting and organising product data and serving as the gateway to connect products with people and systems – including blockchains where that data can be recorded immutably – offering huge commercial benefits to businesses.


Active Digital Identities™ in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® enable brands to create a unique digital profile, or digital twin, for every product item.  It tells consumers its story with a digital experience unique to the consumer using technology and data to guarantee it is exactly what it says it is, and connecting the consumer to the item and the brand together in a way that has never been possible before.


Digitized products generate and deliver real-time data throughout the product lifecycle, driving greater operational efficiency, better consumer engagement and higher brand advocacy. Consumers simply scan the digital identity on the product’s label/tag with their smartphone to receive valuable product information and personalized experiences. Products can be traced from point of origin right through to point of use or consumption and on to recycling or recommerce.


To learn more about how EVRYTHNG and Compare Ethics can assist your brand with its verification and sustainability needs, contact


About Compare Ethics

Compare Ethics is the verification technology that turns sustainability data into tangible return on investment. Powered by patent-pending technology, the business ensures the retail industry is compliant with new regulations that prevent retail businesses from misleading consumers about environmental claims while increasing sales up to 89%.


Backed by leading European venture capital investors, Compare Ethics has secured spots on the inaugural Google for Startups Women Residency (2019), Forbes 30 Under 30 (2020), PwC Scale Program (2021) and Stylus Changemakers Award (2021) respectively.



The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® helps global consumer product brands run their businesses differently by knowing what their products know. EVRYTHNG’s customers see and learn from each product’s journey, end to end, from factory to consumer and beyond. The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® links every product item to its Active Digital Identity™ on the web—joining-up product data at every point in the value chain for visibility, validation and real-time intelligence and to connect with people. EVRYTHNG’s customers include the world’s leading brands in sectors ranging from apparel to beauty and personal care to home goods to beverage. EVRYTHNG is a World Economic Forum Global Innovator and EVRYTHNG’s founders originated the W3C Web of Things and GS1 Digital Link global standards. The company won the 2020 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award. Learn more at and @EVRYTHNG.

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