EVRYTHNG Ranked Among Europe’s Top 50 Most Disruptive Companies

D/SRUPTION50 Index Revealed at Disruption Summit Europe 2019: EVRYTHNG Recognized for the Digital Switch-on of the World’s Consumer Products; Disrupting the Way Brands and Consumers Interact


LONDON and NEW YORK, September 11, 2019EVRYTHNG, the IOT platform that activates every consumer product to make it intelligent, interactive and trackable, today announced the company ranked among the UK’s 50 most disruptive companies. The ranking of the D/SRUPTION50 was revealed to a packed house at Disruption Summit Europe (DSE) in London.

“Today the only certainty in business is change,” said Rob Prevett, CEO and Founder, D/SRUPTION. “The D/SRUPTION50 Index shines a spotlight on innovation leaders driving change programs across industries. EVRYTHNG stands out as a true disruptor not only driving the digital transformation of the world’s consumer products industry, but making it a reality for brands around the globe.”

“We are honored to stand among such an elite group of industry disruptors bringing new value opportunities to our customers,” said Niall Murphy, CEO and Co-founder, EVRYTHNG. “EVRYTHNG was founded in the spirit of innovation, solving real-world problems with the power of digital transformation. Consumer product brands have the opportunity to connect the billions of products they make and sell to the web with a digital identity, bringing unprecedented visibility to their businesses and engaging their customers with rich experiences and information.”

Removing the Friction
Consumers are seeking transparency, while brands are seeking visibility into the journeys of individual products from production to consumption. Historically, the aggregation and sharing of this data hasn’t been quick, easy or cost-effective — especially at scale.

According to Murphy, “EVRYTHNG disrupts this legacy. By turning each product item into a data generating asset for the consumer brand, we empower brands to lead with business strategies influenced by real-time data intelligence.”

Identified as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, EVRYTHNG has created a new digital ecosystem to digitally activate products at mass scale for consumer brands. EVRYTHNG has teamed with some of the world’s largest packaging and supply chain companies — including, WestRock and Crown in the food, beverage and household goods sectors, and Avery Dennison in the footwear and apparel market — to produce products ‘born digital’ with digital identities embedded as they are made. Being ‘born digital’ means individual products now have the capability to gather data throughout the supply chain journey and to deliver contextualized digital services directly to consumers.

As an example, EVRYTHNG has worked with global brand Mowi ASA to help them provide consumers with access to the provenance of fresh fish items, meeting the need for transaparency. Each Mowi product is produced with a digital identity, trackable across the full product lifecycle and ready to drive consumer experiences.

“Disruption Summit is very much about collaboration across industries,” said Murphy. “The emphasis on openness aligns with our own commitment to drive industry standards that foster innovation at scale.”

EVRYTHNG co-chaired the GS1 Standards Development Work Group that defined the new GS1 Digital Link standard that is upgrading the global barcode standard and giving every consumer product item a unique web address. EVRYTHNG provided patented technology to GS1 for use in the standard. By connecting GS1 Digital Link to EVRYTHNG Active Digital Identities™ (ADIs), consumer product brands can apply data science and intelligence to every product’s journey, and to every product experience for the consumer.

Keynote on Growth

EVRYTHNG and digital ecosystem partner, Avery Dennison opened the GROWTH Track at Disruption Summit Europe Tuesday — sharing how billions of products are coming to life with a digital identity on the web. From apparel to shoes to skincare to wine to salmon — consumer products are being ‘born digital’ at scale with labels embedded with digital identities at time of manufacture. By literally switching on the world’s consumer products, every product can now tell its intimate story creating a real-time knowledge network of product data at massive scale.

Most recently, EVRYTHNG and Avery Dennison announced the companies’ technology is bringing PUMA’s New York City flagship store to life with interactive digital product experiences. Customers visiting the store can access dynamic experiences by simply scanning the unique QR code on each PUMA product using their smartphones. PUMA’s new physical retail experience is made possible through the digitization of its products at scale.


EVRYTHNG is the market leading Internet of Things SaaS platform for consumer products, managing billions of unique digital identities in the cloud. Brands and their service providers work with EVRYTHNG to apply data science intelligence on an item-by-item basis, drive new digital applications, gain visibility into supply chains and engage with their customers. EVRYTHNG led the creation of the new GS1 industry standards that have upgraded the world’s barcodes and product tags to connect every product to the web. Learn more at: https://evrythng.com and @EVRYTHNG

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