Tiense Suiker Scales Direct Consumer Relationships with Connected Products Powered by EVRYTHNG

Europe’s Leading Sugar Manufacturer Inspires Family Baking With Digitally Activated Packages


New York, London, & Brussels, June 11, 2020 Südzucker, the largest sugar producer in Europe, today announced an innovative partnership to digitize packages of Tiense Suiker’s Cassonade Graeffe (brown sugar) creating a direct-to-consumer channel and providing consumers with personalized post-purchase experiences. Working with EVRYTHNG, the Product Cloud managing digital identities for the world’s consumer products, Südzucker subsidiary Tiense Suikerraffinaderij launched the digitized products in Belgium generating a tremendous response from consumers engaging with interactive baking experiences accessed by scanning the pack.

“In the midst of COVID-19, staying in is becoming the new going out and families are finding pleasure in nesting. This said we needed an innovative way to engage directly with consumers through our products,” said Geert Van Aelst, Head of Marketing, Südzucker Group.“By giving every bag of sugar an EVRYTHNG Active Digital Identity, we now have an always-on channel of communication to continuously engage with our consumers.”

Südzucker turned to EVRYTHNG to help bring its products to life — on the shelf and post-purchase. Each pack features a QR code connected with a unique Active Digital Identity™ managed in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™. Südzucker is one of the first CPG brand owners to apply the GS1 Digital Link standard as part of its solution – the upgrade to the ubiquitous barcode used on trillions of consumer products globally to give every product a web address and making every product smartphone-interactive. Every bag of Cassonade Graeffe creates a direct-to-consumer channel for dynamic, personalized experiences — all with one on-pack code per item and an Active Digital Identity™ that is able to drive multiple applications, personalize experiences and gather data.

“The consumer products industry is embracing product digitization as a strategy to build direct consumer relationships and address consumer demands for transparency and authenticity. By creating products ‘born-digital,’ brands are able to gather and apply data intelligence from each product throughout the supply chain journey and when the product is in the hands of the consumer,” said Niall Murphy, CEO and Co-founder, EVRYTHNG. “For Südzucker, each individual bag of sugar is now a direct channel to engage with consumers post-purchase — allowing the brand to consistently and dynamically add value through contextualized content.”

According to a recent report by McKinsey, with consumer decision journeys encompassing more digital touchpoints and increasing in complexity, shoppers expect CPG companies to have a consistent presence online and offline. Capturing and managing data is essential to delivering precision marketing.

“Looking for a bright spot, current global stay-at-home mandates have resulted in families finding new and different ways to connect. Families are gathering in the kitchen to fill long hours creating delicious memories, said Van Aelst. “By connecting each physical bag of sugar with a digital identity, we have a way to enhance those experiences by dynamically delivering baking tips, recipes, contests, and even insight to the provenance of the sugar in the bag.”


This product is currently available in Belgium and sold under the Tiense Suiker brand.


EVRYTHNG helps consumer product brands operate with data-driven intelligence through the digitization of their products and the data they generate. The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™ manages an Active Digital Identity™ for each product item, gathering and applying data from and about each item from sourcing to manufacturing to the consumer to recycling or reuse. Global consumer brands in apparel, beauty, CPG, and wine and spirits work with EVRYTHNG to manage billions of digitized product items, gaining visibility across their supply chains, providing transparency and traceability, and connecting directly with their customers through their products. EVRYTHNG has been named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, originated the technology driving the GS1 Digital Link global barcode upgrade and won Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award for most impactful change driver for the consumer products category. Learn more at EVRYTHNG.com and @EVRYTHNG.


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