Unlock Real-Time Data Intelligence From Every Product

EVRYTHNG gathers and organizes your product data from within and outside your enterprise. From raw materials and ingredients, to packaging, production and distribution data, all the way through to purchase, resell or recycle information. Shareable, actionable data all in one place. Transform your supply chain and put transparency and authenticity at the heart of your consumer relationships.

We digitize your physical products

To bring products to life on the Web, we give each one an Active Digital Identity™ in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud®. A digital twin to make every item you manufacture and sell trackable, intelligent and interactive – connected by any type of tag, from QR code to NFC, RFID to Bluetooth.

Visibility end-to-end

Drive supply chain, brand protection and consumer applications all from the same digital identity. Leverage your product data intelligence throughout the lifecycle from factory to consumer for true visibility.

Break down data silos

Data about products sits in different systems inside and outside your business. Master data in your PIM. Order and shipment data in your ERPs. Purchase data in your CRM.  

EVRYTHNG is the only enterprise platform that gathers all this information into one place to give 360° visibility of every item. 

Make your data actionable

EVRYTHNG applies analytics and real-time intelligence to your data. Run your business with agility and integrity thanks to total transparency across the value chain – and actively engage with your consumers through your products.

Key capabilities

We built an open, extensible platform so you don’t have to. 

Breakthrough patented technology for product digitization.


Prebuilt product modules for faster implementation and lower cost of ownership.

For mass-scale digitization of your products across factories, countries and brands.

  • Mass-scale serialization engine and GS1 Digital Link generation
  • Pre-built Integrations with printer and packaging partners and ERPs
  • Production-line integrations for automated activation of identities in the factory
  • Factory scanning app for manual activation
  • Real-time factory performance and order fulfilment dashboards

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Make your supply chain real-time, searchable and accessible via the web

  • Track and trace, from batches and pallets to items, case and raw materials
  • Manage product recalls with consumer alerts via connected packs
  • Locate products in market using crowdsourced consumer data 
  • Automated workflows and alerts for supply chain events
  • EPCIS compliant model for supply chain data exchange

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Applying data science for a new era of data-driven brand integrity protection.

  • Consumer authentication via smartphone, no app required
  • Brand Inspector authentication app and dashboard
  • Automated detection of counterfeit, diversion and unauthorized goods 
  • Supports any type of codes and tags, including multi-factor authentication
  • Crowdsourced consumer interaction data for expanded visibility in market

Enabling you to activate connected products across all brands and countries

  • Deliver context-aware engagement via patented url redirector tool
  • Integrations with CMS, CRM or Experience platforms
  • Dynamically share supply chain transparency data with consumers
  • Analytics dashboards for campaign reporting and consumer-product engagement
  • Supports any type of serialized and non-serialized codes, including QR, DataMatrix and NFC

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