Reactor™ v2.0: The IoT brain for your product’s body

We’re really excited to launch an enhanced version of EVRYTHNG’s rules engine, Reactor™ v2.0. It’s a powerful business workflow tool that lets you build highly interactive and customized applications around your smart products and smart packaging.

In a nutshell, it processes real-time data collected from products, sensors, users and other events, makes sense of it and then initiates scripts based on customer-defined rules. What this means for EVRYTHNG’s customers is the ability to create really sophisticated workflows tailored to industry verticals and solutions.

For example:

  • Triggering an SMS via Twilio when a scanned bottle or case is detected to be outside its intended market
  • Updating a manufacturer’s CRM instance when a consumer activates their new smart product
  • Sending an Apple push notification when the temperature of a perishable item has exceeded a threshold during transit

How does Reactor™ work?

Scripts are written and deployed using a Web-based JavaScript editor integrated into our online dashboard. Reactor™ v2.0 supports Node.js along with NPM (Node Package manager) to manage external libraries and dependencies. This makes it easy for developers to share and reuse code, and allows you to build scripts that incorporate bundles of code written for any common platforms with public APIs such as Twitter, Twilio and

Scripts are provided with a preconfigured evt-extended.js library, which makes it very simple to interact with the platform, and means no additional integration code is required.

How are rules triggered?

Scripts can be initiated by pretty much anything.

Any event or time-based action, such as:

  • Product scan – say, on arrival at a warehouse or a retail outlet, or by consumer after purchase
  • Product registration
  • Paired – when a product has been paired with a Bluetooth device
  • Inspected – when the product has been cleared by customs
  • Updated – when the device firmware has been updated

Any change in a ‘property’ of a product
Properties are customized by product, but are dynamic values which can change at any time. This might be:

  • Sensor data: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, motion detected
  • Status of a product: switched on, sleep mode, faulty

Designed for life

Reactor™ v2.0 is built to handle massive scale. Imagine millions of objects each triggering rules based on real-world occurrences at the same time. We’ve developed the rules engine so it scales horizontally, along with the platform infrastructure. You grow, it grows.

It is smart product and smart packaging agnostic, so you’re also future-proofed. Who knows how your products will evolve in the future. What other devices and systems they may need to interact with. Having a cloud-based rules engine that works with the digital ‘other half’ of your physical product means you’ll be able to easily modify your future product’s characteristics in the field by simply updating the intelligence in the cloud at runtime, without having to touch your apps, your products, or the tags and/ or firmware on them.

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